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Suhani Si Ek Ladki:


Rags is angry on Suhani and swears to break her marriage with Yuvraaj. She had to apologize to Pankaj touching his feet and could not bear the insult. She tries to get Suhani scolded by Dadi after showing the fake Raavan idol. Dadi does not get angry and laughs seeing the 10 inch Raavan miniature finding it unique. Everyone celebrate the Raavan Dahan and Suhani invites Soumya in the Dandiya function. Soumya and Krishna have an argument there, as Soumya feels low seeing Suhani’s expensive clothes and Yuvraaj madly in love with her. Yuvraaj makes Soumya further jealous and makes her annoyed. Soumya argues with Krishna comparing his love with Yuvraaj’s. Rags hears them fighting and thinks to use Soumya between Yuvraaj and Suhani’s relation. Will Soumya give up her friendship and join hands with Rags to take Suhani’s place?

Jamai Raja:

Durga Devi is still humiliating Sid by all was possible. She sends Roshni’s friends to the chawl for the part. Roshni is tensed and Sid pacifies her saying he will manage everything. Sid smartly does everything in his small budget and makes Roshni happy. Her friends are not comfortable in the chawl and taunt Roshni for choosing Sid as her life partner and laugh on his poverty. Roshni gets angry and defends Sid. She scolds her friends and asks them to just leave from her home. Durga Devi’s plan fails as she could not deter Roshni’s love even by showing the ugly side of poverty. Sid wins again. A girl Pratima enters DD’s office to get a job and gets insulted by her. Sid hears them and supports Pratima, convincing DD to give her a job. Pratima seems to be very scared of DD and there lies some secret behind her entry. Will her entry shake DD or is she a part of DD’s plan to drift apart Sid and Roshni?

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Akshara and Naitik have faced enough problems and yet one more cropped up, as two women walk in Singhania house, claiming Naksh to be their blood and showing some hospital docs, saying Akshara had given birth to a daughter and they have done her upbringing. They ask Akshara to give them back Naksh, shocking her and everyone. Akshara does not want Naksh to know this. Naksh talks to Yash and tells them that his parents are the best in the world. He comes downstairs and hears everything related to him. He gets depressed and Akshara finds it tough to explain him. The women does not leave being after them, and constantly keeps asking them to return Naksh. Everyone suggests Akshara to go for the DNA test and she agrees. The family celebrates Dusshehra and the results are eagerly wanted, as it can change Naksh’s life. What will be in the reports? Will Akshara lose Naksh forever or is this someone’s conspiracy?

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya:

Avni and Raj’s marriage got cancelled as Raj refused to marry her. Avni feels he has cheated her and have lost her belief in love. All this happened because of Bhavna’s past and Bhavna blames herself. Bhavna suffers a heart attack and Avni is at her support. Raj packs his bag to leave the country to get away from everything, as its not easy for him to forget Avni. Avni burns everything related to Raj and decides to make a fresh start by joining Suket’s business and heading it to success. Suket consoles Avni asking her not to worry about Bhavna. Avni gets a new look and also a change in attitude. She hates love and becomes an independent business woman, who has left her past behind. Will Raj and Avni face each other and will their love revive?

KumKum Bhagya:

Abhi is practicing for his song and singing a rap. Pragya is worried and wants to talk to him about her family business problem. She is going to her Maayka to save the marriage hall. Abhi troubles her and does not listen to her. She says she is going home and he asks her not to shout. Abhi handles the matter and goes even in jail, to save her and her family from problems. Pragya thinks if he hates her, then why did he risk himself. Abhi is always ready to help Pragya. Will Pragya understand Abhi’s concern?

Ek Hasina Thi:

Akash has revealed his real identity to Durga and Dayal that he is Akram Rahmat Khan, and Sakshi Goenka is his step mum, once called Sakshi Rahmat Khan. Durga is shocked and Akram tells her his past how Sakshi killed his father and burnt his press. He reveals his dark past and says he came back to take revenge from Sakshi for his father’s death. Sakshi is not known about Akash being Akram, but has know that Akash is a traitor and has killed Jagga. Akash/Akram has done his work of giving the proof of Rajnath and Raima’s affair to Jatin. He is sure this will shake Sakshi’s world. Jatin calls up Sakshi and tells her about Rajnath having an affair and cheating on her. Sakshi is shocked and does not believe him. Jatin tells her that he has the proof for it and tells her everything. Dev talks to Agnihotri as Rajnath Goenka, changing his voice and comes to know Payal was raped by Shaurya and his friends, and Goenkas has bought the evidence tape for Rs 15 crores to win the case. Dev asks Agnihotri to give him the original tape and decides to get Shaurya and his friends punished to seek justice for Payal, Nitya and their parents. Rajnath comes to know about Dev peeping into the past case and stops him from getting the evidence in the nick of the time. Will Dev start the open war against his family for justice?

Qubool Hai:

Sanam has finally got to know the truth that Aahil is made to lkive under the guilt burden for the murder he did not commit, and Tanveer is behind all this. She is stunned knowing Tanveer’s double face and decides to expose her by getting some solid prove against her which she can present to Aahil and get him out of his bad past and guilt. Razia is shocked seeing Seher, and brings her to Aahil’s home. Rahat is tensed as Haya loves only him and does not want to go away from him. He thinks of the promise he made to Faiz and tries convincing Haya that Faiz is regretting on his behavior. Haya will then know about Halala Nikaah and that Rahat married her to make her marry Faiz again. She feels cheated by Rahat and is depressed. She thinks to go far from Rahat and Faiz.

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai:

Rubel has finally come home walking by the help of sticks shocking everyone. Payal is unable to digest this as this happened because of Adi and Pankhudi. She cares for them but is angry as Rubel has lost his mobility because of them. Everyone fear that Rubel may go in depression about his state and may fall weak. Payal fumes seeing Rubel’s miserable state and asks for her stake in the Diwaan Mansion. She asks Avantika to give her the right of managing Diwaan Mansion and business, and not Pankhudi. Pankhudi has no qualms with this and Avantika agrees to Payal seeing her pain and Rubel’s state. Harish gives holiday tickets to Adi and Pankhudi. Adi refuses to go as Rubel needs him here and they can still be here at home and spend time.


Ranvi is adamant that Baldev can’t meet Veera now. Veera prays that Ranvi agrees for her and Baldev’s marriage and realizes that Baldev is right for her. Gunjan tries convincing Ranvi saying Baldev is also responsible. She knows Ranvi is brother plus mother of Veera and is over protective for Veera. Ranvi invites Inspector Rajvir in the party and introduces him to Veera. Rajvir is the one who has saved Veera in the Dangal and also arrested Baldev. Baldev walks in there and sees Veera and Rajvir talking and smiling. Baldev gets angry and leaves from the place. Baldev’s way to protect Veera was not liked by Ranvi, and Ranvi likes Rajvir who is a responsible man. Ranvi suggests Rajvir for Veera’s life partner and this brings a new twist as Rajvir too starts liking Veera. Veera loves only Baldev and is annoyed with Ranvi’s decision. Will Baldev prove his mettle within time?

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:

Ishani is really happy as she is getting married to Chirag. She distributes the sweets in her office and gives the good news cum shock to Ranvir that Chirag wants to marry her the soonest. Ranvi is stunned. Ishani is happy as she is marrying Chirag, the one she trusts and loves. The wedding date is to be fixed in the evening and Ranvir makes her busy in a meeting. He asks her not to go home as work must be in her priority. Ishani wants to go home and she is eager to meet Chirag and his family. Ranvir gets jealous and also is concerned about Ishani, after Chirag warned him that he will trouble Ishani and make her life hell. Chirag is not going away from their lives and tackling Ranvir through his weakness Ishani. Ranvir knows Chirag does not love Ishani, and wants to safe guard her from Chirag’s plan. He cares for Ishani and does not show it directly. Will Ranvir save Ishani from Chirag’s plan? Is Ishani playing a move to outdo Chirag or will she really fall in his trap?

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Pari acts sweet to the family and has won everyone’s heart by saving Gopi from fire in Dandiya function, but Gopi knows the truth that it was all planned by Pari. Gopi’s plan does not work as Pari has her laugh on her, for calling her dad and thinking to use him against her. Kokila has pity on Pari’s dad and his bad health, and seeing his state she agrees to accept Pari as Jigar’s legally wedded wife and make her a permanent bahu of the Modi family. Jigar and Gopi are stunned as they don’t want to accept Pari. Urmila too is fed up of Pari’s evil plans and wants Tolu and Molu to be fine. Pari is relieved having Kokila as her backup and her dad fooling everyone around, will Gopi be able to expose Pari?


Zain takes Aaliya to the place where Bilal was kidnapped and shows her the nameboard with R H Khan. Aaliya does not believe Zain and says Rehaan will never do this. Zain explains her that Rehaan kidnapped Bilal to marry her. Aaliya is shell shocked and can’t believe this. Rehaan sees his children’ bonding with Aaliya and he knows his motives are not evil, and he wants Aaliya to be happy. With Zain doubting on him so much, and Rehaan asking Zain to be away from Aaliya till she is married to him, will Zain lose Aaliya forever? Aaliya takes care of Zara and Kabeer like before, but maintains a distance with Rehaan. Is Zain’s doubt about Rehaan true? Surayya tells Zain that Rehaan will never free Aaliya now and he has lost Aaliya forever.

Diya Aur Baati Hum:

Prema and Maya talk about taking out the arms from the Karwa pots and keep it with Sooraj’s sweet shop utensils so that no one doubts on them, and they can get the arms for Operation Grahan. Zakir and Sandhya check the Karwa pots and get stunned seeing the inside. They see the arms inside the pots and come to know that RK’s helpers are here in this party. Zakir places the security cameras in that area. Maya sees Meenakshi with the pot and no arms in it. She understands police got the arms and alerts Prema. Zakir and Sandhya see Maya running, and aim at her. Prema switches off the lights and saves Maya. Sandhya sees Prema in CCTV footage and doubts on her thinking about Bhabho’s words. She cross questions Prema making her tensed. Sooraj is leaving for Dubai and Sandhya prays for his success. Sooraj and Bhabhi board the flight and Operation Grahan gets a start. Will Sandhya be able to save Sooraj?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman gets excited to meet Ishita and can’t wait for her. The confusion takes place and Raman thinks it’s Ishita, but actually it’s the old fat nurse. He speaks some sweet words of love to her and also goes ahead to kiss her on her cheek. Raman’s cross connection proves to get him good scolding from the nurse and he is shocked seeing her face when she removes the towel after wiping out. Raman gets a 100 volt shock seeing her and apologizes to her holding his ears. He tells her that the kiss was for his wife and he was mistaken. The nurse calls him shameless man and gives him a lecture better than Ishita’s. The nurse says she will case on him, while Raman tries to get her forgiveness. Poor Raman went to express his feelings and show Ishita his love, but landed in another problem.

Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh:

Shobha lands in the ‘Just Coffee’ shop, exactly opposite to her home, and could not meet Vikram, the owner of the shop. Vikram gets angry seeing media and police outside the shop. He taunts the minister for getting into unfair matters and says it’s good he is gone to jail. Vikram’s belief is marriage and love is just nil. The three lead characters were sketched well and Shobha’s character being the strongest and Vikram being the most liked. Shobha joins Vikram in his coffee shop and bears his arrogance to balance her family responsibilities and later on, gets a rational connection with him, seeing his good side and being kind towards her children.


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