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Happy Birthday Rachana Parulkar




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Before missing any moment, TellyReviews want to wish the elegant beauty Rachana Parulkar an amazing birthday and wishes her all the best. We greet her to have a much better year and look forward to the future as the best things are yet to happen. Enjoy life to the fullest and keep entertaining your fans and Twamily. The positive thing of getting old is you get more and more people every year who love you a lot. We know all the fans love you and may not have the correct words to express all that they have in their heart, but it can be just said that you are very Special for everyone.

We wish Rachana abundant happiness, with no rarest gloom. We wish her life always stays vibrant and successful, as she gives millions around the world a reason to smile and makes them happy. This year will be the launchpad for the future, so be keen to use it well and give it a good kick start for a long blissful life ahead. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHANA !!

Having done with the birthday greetings, let’s bring her career trivia into limelight, which we assume you might be already knowing. Rachana worked as a model, dancer and now an Actress. She regards Uma Dogra as her dance mentor and in academics she completed her graduation and also did Masters in English literature. She made her debut first in the role of Sawri in Zee TV’s show Saat Phere – Saloni Ka Safar (2009), and then portrayed the role of Akruti in Star Plus’s show Sapno Se Bhare Naina (2011). Rachana got appreciation in both these shows and after a hiatus of couple of years she made her entry in the role of grown-up Kalpi in Zee TV’s show Ek Mutthi Aaasman (2013-2014). Rachana was much noticed and much appreciated for her portrayal of Kalpi and has struck a chord with audience all over the world. The audience appreciated her acting and emoting skills, chemistry with lead actor Ashish Chowdhry, and vivacious screen presence. After her departure from EMA, Rachana took some break, and soon got the opportunity to play the role of grown-up Ajabde in Sony TV’s Maharana Pratap. She started shooting for the show since the first week of October 2014 and is paired opposite actor SSharad Malhotra. Because of her innate natural talent and grace, she fitted well in the role of Queen Ajabde and got much favorable response from her fans. Some of Rachana’s notable qualities are human spirit, positive nature, innocence, caring and always wanting to spread love, and forward looking. Rachana shared good camaraderie with her former co-lead actor Ashish Chowdhry who wished her the best for her new project Maharana Pratap and showed appreciation and she returned much gratitude to him. She now shares good rapport with SSharad Malhotra aka Pratap who also echoed much appreciation for her in his interviews on leading papers and on Twitter.

Rachana and her fans share special relationship and they fondly refer her as Rachu, Rach, and even calls her Angel many times. She in turn call them Lady Singhams and Bheems and credits them for rooting for her always. Her fans make sure that she wins most of the polls which are set-up by different media portals. She remains in touch with her fans and #Twamily on Twitter on regular basis to share updates about her work and life and the fans feel happy to hear from her.

To sum up our greetings, TellyReviews, Rachana’s family and Twamily want to dedicate Tum Jiyo Hajaro Saal [You live thousand of Years] song from the movie Sujata (1959) to Rachana on her birthday and gives our heartiest greetings and wishes her all the very best for future!!

Tum jiyo hajaro saal, saal ke din hon pachas hajar
Suraj roj aata rahe roj gata rahe, leke kirano ke mele
Palachhin kaliya gin gin teraa har din, tab tak rango se khele
Rang jab tak bakee hai baharo me
Tum jiyo hajaro saal, saal ke din ho pachas hajar

Yaha vahan sham ho chaahe jahan
Yu hee jhume shama sunake tumharee baate
Pyar liye chand kaa tika liye
Yu hee juganu liye chamake tumharee raate
Nur jab tak bakee hai sitaro me
Tum jiyo hajaro saal, saal ke din ho pachas hajar……


* In Hindi

तुम जियो हजारों साल
साल के दिन हो पचास हज़ार …

सूरज रोज़ आता रहे रोज़ गाता रहे, लेके किरणों के मेले
पलछिन कलियाँ गिन गिन तेरा हर दिन
तब तक रंगों से खेलें
रंग जब तक बाकी है बहारों में
तुम जियो हजारों साल
साल के दिन हो पचास हज़ार …

यहाँ वहां, शाम हो चाहे जहां
यूँ ही झूमे शमा, सुन के तुम्हारी बातें
प्यार लिए, चाँद का टिका लिए
यूं ही जुगनू लिए, चमके तुम्हारी रातें
नूर जब तक बाकी है सितारों में
तुम जियो हजारों साल
साल के दिन हो पचास हज़ार …


Additional Note:
– Rachana Parulkar’s Twitter page
– Rachana family’s Twitter page and Twitter page of #Twamily members Twitter page.

Happy Birthday Song for Rachana
[youtube id=http://youtu.be/-hyJsoPosCE]

Birthday Greetings For Rachana by Ragna islife on behalf of all Rachana’s fans. Twitter page of Ragna islife.
[youtube id=http://youtu.be/w-ECBzd6yKM]

Birthday Greetings For Rachana by Angie:
[youtube id=http://youtu.be/R9f-Y42jx5Y]

Images credit: Twitter page of Rachana Parulkar, Rachanas family, and Sony TV’s Twitter and Facebook pages.


  1. Wishing you a very happy birthday Rachana..n a great future. You deserve the best always…/ Thank you Telly Reviews for the article..

  2. Thank you TELLYREVIEWS 4 wnderful article and thank a lot 2 u all 4 making amazing vm..u all very talented and creative…salute…
    Rachana,Happy birthday, v wish you days filled with warm sunshine, thousands of happy smiles and laughter,and the priceless loves…n may your special day be filled with memories and flowers, friendship and happy hours…so proud 2 be ur fans 😀


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