“Wish Rachana Parulkar” – Greetings from Priya, Basu et. al & Nandy, Shana et. al


Her first appearance as ambitious girl Kalpana Jadav grabbed attention of viewers. As character of Kalpana developed further, confidence in the eyes of girl who lives in chawl inspired other people of disadvantage group to keep moving ahead by proving “when there is a will, there is a way”.

If there is too much of nuisance going on at home and you have exam tomorrow, go ahead, move to garden and study. If anyone doubts your talent, go ahead and prove them wrong. If anyone underestimates your abilities, challenge them and work day in and day out to win not only challenge, but hearts too.

During this journey of Kalpana, we got into touch with one special human being and as we got to know her more, more love we showered on her. This special person was none other than the actor who played Kalpana in Best Possible way. This person is named Rachana Parulkar. Rachana Parulkar, sweetly called as Rachu, Kalpi, Kalpana, muffin, babydoll and believed to be an angel by millions of her fans across the globe. A very strong emotional bond formed among audience, Kalpana and Rachana as she interacted with her fans and made them feel special. She seemed to be like any of us, who loved her life, and wished to enjoy it to fullest with her friends and family. We have seen her as fighter during the period of crisis, who faced, fought and destroyed any barrier which came between her and her way of success with broad smile on her face and yet spreading love amongst her fans and friends. Finally she came out as a winner with her head held high. Maybe, some may complain, that Kalpana is fictional, so whatever she does she can, as none of it is real. However, Rachana is real. Yes, in real life too, she is an inspiration to millions of other people, to never let worst situation disappoint you, keep spreading happiness and love among everyone.

Today is birthday of this angel, who taught us to fight all odds and prove yourself to winner. She is real life Kalpana and Rachana. Now she will rule hearts as Maharani Ajabde.

Rachana, Wishing You a Very Happy Birthday.

May your positivity ,confidence and good spirit bring all the happiness and success to your feet,
May your million dollar smile and beauty melts all hearts and lightens up lives of people around you,
May you receive all the love and respect with your loving and caring nature,
May we get more and more reasons to love you and take pride to be called as a RachanaParulkar fan.
Be the star shining bright.

Loads of Love from,
Basu, Mona, Dhani, Lorna, Agu, Dimple, Foram, Soni Rose, Saru, Priya
Remix, Reshma & Kavitha

[youtube id=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mzosMmFscw]

Greeting Pic From priya @priyamrv
@RParulkar My daughter made a card for Rachu! (Priya Remix)


Wishes from Nandy, Shana, Julie et al.

Every actor or show has some critical viewers who will always have something to comment about almost everything related to particular actor or show, be it acting, sets, costumes, off screen snaps, or even accesories like bags and sandals given to character. They love, accept , criticize or even completely reject actor/ character or show, but whatever they decide they are right out blunt and on face, even if it’s about their favourite actor or show. However, any outsider who dares to criticize or reject their favourite should be ready to face music from these critical fans. One such group of people include “gossipers.”

Gossipers came together to knit the bond of friendship for their favourite “RagNa” aka Raghav and Kalpi all the while the roles were essayed by Ashish Chowdhry and Rachana Parulkar. Every member being fans of Rachana and Ashish were inclined more towards Rachana for her innocent and sweet nature. Rachana is being wished a very happy birthday on her special day. Along with a special note of thank you to her for giving us a chance to fall in love with Kalpana by portraying character which suited her and only her. Rachana your report card was indeed prepared by Gossipers which includes strengths, weakness and areas of improvement. But no matter what we all love you allot. One of the best thing gossipers found about you is your expressive eyes, which was always in sync with scenes and emotions required for each of them. You also have one beautiful smile. Keep it intact.

Aisha Lopez @aisha_inno • Aug 2
@RParulkar Chin up, head up! And continue to smile!- Life if too short to indulge on nonsense! Enjoy your small break and come back soon!

Loads of love
From: Nandy, Shana , Julie (Aisha Lopez) , Nandini , Sahana , Chinki, Sejal Shah ..!!!

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  1. Very very beautiful.. all of you who contributed to this captured what we all fans feel for Rachana Parulkar …Thanks a lot … And Priya your daughter’s card was one of the best..


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