Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 10th October 2014 55th Episode Channel V – Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 49th Episode 25th September 2014

Recap: Cheeku comes as a savior and protects Kimaya from Arya. Arya’s bet to spend one night with Kimaya within 1 week is foiled and Kimaya learns about Arya’s true face and his distasteful intentions. Kabbadi Round will decide the Student of the Year 2014 Winner.


Highlight of the Episode and What’s Next: Cheeku becomes the winner of SOTY 2014 after a hard fought victory over Arya. Kimaya confesses her love for Cheeku which makes him awestruck.

The Kabbadi round starts at Cheeku’s college and Arya confronts Cheeku before the start of the match and  demotivates Cheeku and calls Kimaya as loser girlfriend and suggests that she will take care of his wounds. The boys in Cheeku’s team informs him of being thinner to players in Arya’s team but he informs them that they are not doing wrestling. He informs on using their weaknesses and size doesn’t matter and their opponents height and size will not help them. Cheeku motivates his team and wants them to do best and not worry about losing. The match starts with Cheeku’s team leading by 5 to 3 and then one of Arya’s team boys knock the boy from Cheeku’s team with his head which is against the rules and cheats. Cheeku and his team tries to protest and then he inf orms them that its not the right time to protest so they have to fight hard and not give up. They caught another boy from Arya’s team and then Cheeku goes into Arya’s court and touches one guy and comes back to his court but the referee who is on Arya’s side rejects that point. Cheeku and his team speaks about the cheating. Cheeku goes again in Arya’s court and faces him but Arya gets hold of him.

Cheeku tries to inch closer to his court’s line and Kimaya motivates him.Again the referee stops Cheeku from winning and the organizer speaks that they have the winner as the match is ended. The organizer boy gets some lead from his team and informs all that because of some developments the match’s result is draw and the principal has invited both Arya and Aditya (Cheeku) to his office. Dodo informs all that both of them will know why are they invited there soon ? The principal speaks of getting a CD which has proven all the things going on there and wants them to accept their mistake if they did. Both Cheeku and Arya contemplates on that note and he then informs of losing the opportunity to accept their mistake. He calls the peon and then runs the AV from the CD which shows Arya giving money to the peon after getting the pen drive with GK quiz papers. The principal informs them that the security team of the school have CCTV installations and the video has given to him by them.

He informs that it is crystal clear that Arya has done cheating in Quiz competition and Arya speaks of not understanding and the principal hits back by saying the footage has answered everything. Arya then speaks of helping the peon since he needed money and asks the principal Is doing good a crime ? The principal speaks that the kabbadi match was drawn because of that revelation and informs them that there will be a 200 metre race tomorrow which will decide the student of the year 2014 winner. Cheeku informs Dodo and Gattu about the race tomorrow and Gattu speaks of a critical point that Arya does cheating like buying referees and Quiz paper leaks because he himself doesn’t have confidence and feels insecure with Cheeku. Cheeku thinks that to be a valid point which he haven’t thought earlier and informs that both have fears and Arya tries to hide fear. She wants Cheeku to translate his fear into strength and then he will be winning. Next day, Cheeku’s father drops him to the college and informs that his son will win for sure and cites that its in his blood to win. He speaks of running towards his wife to get her and motivates Cheeku a lot. Kimaya wants to go inside a room and the boy Abbas who is guarding that place informs of not letting her go inside so as to follow the principal’s orders. Cheeku comes there and she hides something which she was carrying. Cheeku asks Abbas to go from there and she then takes out a plastic bracelet (rubber-made) and wants to give him as good luck charm. She wants Cheeku to wear it and he takes it and leaves for his 200-metres sprint race.

The organizer at the field speaks of the 200 metre race and Cheeku’s friend Subramanyam motivates him and makes a taunt at Arya and calls him cheater. Kimaya wishes Cheeku again and Arya makes a taunt at Cheeku by saying that getting motivation from girls is something different, right ? The principal informs about the rules of the sprint and the contestants should run on their track. The race starts and both of them runs on their respective tracks and soon Cheeku takes the lead and crosses the 100 metres mark and sooner then falls down. Cheeku is hurt while Arya feels happy after looking at him. Cheeku gets up after getting motivation and remembers Arya’s taunts and runs fast. Cheeku completes the race and wins and Dodo lifts him in happiness. Arya comes and confronts Cheeku and pushes him so to vent out his anger after getting defeat and asks him how can he forget his status in the college and calls Cheeku as the biggest loser of the college.

Cheeku hits back at Arya and pushes him and asks how can he speak about status ? Cheeku admits of being a loser earlier but now that title is being taken away and calls Arya to be a winner in being a loser and cites that everyone in the college now regards him a big loser. Cheeku curses Arya more and suggests that he will loose all the competitions in his life because he has all the qualities of a loser. Cheeku speaks that Arya doesn’t have sportsmanship qualities and more importantly he doesn’t respect women and calls him as disgusting and speaks of having pity on him. Cheeku thinks that any other boy of the college can defeat him and goes on to say whether he accepts or not, he (Cheeku) is the student of the year. Kimaya and everyone claps and appreciates Cheeku and Gattu supports him.

Next Episode: Cheeku wins the Student of the Year 2014 trophy and gets applauded by all the students of the college and school. Dodo, Devika, Kimaya, Gattu are all happy to see him and later Kimaya meets him and shows him the earring which he gave her. She then wants to wear it and also confesses to love him. Cheeku is left awe struck on that note.

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