Comedy Nights With Kapil 11th and 12th October 2014, with legendary actress Rekha – Snapshot

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Comedy Nights With Kapil 11th and 12th October 2014 - Rekha ji, Cast of Super Nani

Guests on the show: Legendary Actors – Rekha and Randhir Kapoor, and Actors – Sharman Joshi and Shweta Kumar. They are cast of the upcoming movie Super Nani. Actors making guest appearance in comedy acts – Pooja Gor, Roshni Chopra

Kapil welcomes all and speaks that a very beautiful person is coming – Rekha ji and then informs Siddhu that you get more happiness after seeing a beautiful nurse rather than with medicines. He speaks that a person after seeing the medicines is not so happy but when he finds nurse then by himself prepares to get injection from her and poses in an inclined angle for it. He is happy even if he gets pain from it because he enjoys the prep done before the injection.

Comedy Act: Bittu’s Room on Rent Ad and eventual dismay when a girl – Roshni gives him a hard lesson with her witty talking
Kapil speaks that everyone wants beautiful things around them and thus he has given a Ad in the newspaper asking for a tenant who should be a girl. Soon, Pooja Gor comes as a traditional girl wearing a Kurti and informs on seeing Bittu’s newspaper Ad and came there to rent the room. She asks him about the rent and he replies 6,000 INR and she agrees for it and then the deal is made. Just then, Roshni Chopra comes there as a modern and trendy girl and wears cool shades. She looks at him and informs of being interested in him. Bittu comes forward towards her and she replies on seeing the Ad which is room on rent and is speaking in that context. Pooja as the first girl steps in and informs Roshni that she is late since she has taken the room on rent just a while back. Bittu then asks who is she and tries to not recognize her ? Pooja becomes shocked on hearing Bittu’s words and then Roshni suggests that renting the room was just an excuse and actually she came there to construct a relationship and oozes oomph while talking. She suggests on finding rooms elsewhere but how could she find a hot, sexy owner like him and comes closer to him. Bittu asks her to not speak in that manner since he will also reciprocate the same feelings and move forward towards her.

Bittu scolds Pooja – the first girl and suggests how come he should give the room on rent to her ? He goes on to take the matter lightly and she then suggests that its not fair on his sudden reversal of the agreement since he has already committed to her. Roshni asks whether he haven’t taken advance. He replies on not taking any advance and then Roshni suggests thats very good because she is much advanced and meant to say that she has even brought the cash. Bittu is happy to hear it and informs that Roshni can get the room for 4,000 INR and gives the room to her. Pooja doesn’t want to listen it and informs Bittu that now the matter is about commitment. Bittu raises the point whether he is Salman Khan and who has said that once he makes a commitment then he will not even listen to himself and shows annoyance. He suggests on being like Akshay Kumar and cites Akshay’s phrase where he does things but doesn’t know about it, sometimes does and then knows..and doesn’t know many times on what he is doing. On that note, he asks her what she is doing there ? Pooja also shows her anger and informs Bittu in angry voice that he will also get his punishment/due for his wrongs and leaves from there. Roshni then gives Bittu 2 months advance rent and he asks her when she is going to come ? She replies on not coming there herself since she lives with her boyfriend but her aunt (Bua) will come and live in the room in Bittu’s home. She suggests of coming there to see the room for her aunt and then goes to call her Bua. The comedy act ends on that hilarious note when Bittu’s expectation didn’t meet at all.

Kapil in conversation with Rekha ji and the team of the movie Super Nani +  Bittu’s family sketch comedy 
Kapil welcomes Randhir Kapoor and he comes on Jaane Jaha Dhoondtha Hu Jaha.. Ho Tumhe Raat Din Yaha Se Waha song. Randhir ji greets audience and Kapil welcomes him on the show and he returns gratitude. Kapil begins the conversation and speaks that Kapoor’s family is ruling the Bollywood Industry since four decades and only males have came in the industry and girls didn’t came in the film industry. He asks whether Randhir ji and his family was against the girls’ participation and suggests that Randhir ji’s wife Babita also stayed back at home after her marriage with him. Randhir ji replies that it’s people speculation that his family is against girls or heroines. But its not true and suggests that Shammi Kapoor’s wife Geeta (his aunt) was also an actress, another aunt – Shashi Kapoor’s wife Jennifer was also an actress, his wife Babita was also an actress, his wife Rishi Kapoor’s wife Neetu Singh was also an actress. He then suggests that if he/his family were against actresses then why would they have married them ? He speaks on encouraging his children to pursue acting career (referring to Kareena and Karisma Kapoor). Regarding Kapil’s second question that he has kept his wife at home post-marriage, Randhir ji suggests that you keep your wife at home after marriage, right and not send her outside ? He speaks of having good children and have given them good education and training and has given Karisma and Kareena Kapoor to India. Kapil becomes excited to hear it. Kapil asks Randhir ji that his nick name is Dabboo, and his brother Rishi Kapoor’s nick name is Chintu and asks him about the reason for it ? Randhir ji replies that during the time of his birth his family had a white dog whose name was Dabboo and hence his family thought of giving it as nick name to him. On that note, everyone gets laughter.

Kapil then speaks of welcoming other actors from movie Super Naani and welcomes Sharman Joshi by calling him as fine actor and actress Shweta Kumar. Sharman and Shweta comes on stage and Kapil greets them. Sooner then, Bua comes on stage and directly goes to Sharman and starts speaking to him while holding hands. She informs him that his father-in law (Sasur) actor Prem Chopra [Info: Sharman is married to Prerna Chopra, daughter of Prem Chopra] has came there on Comedy Nights. Bua suggests that her destiny was not good since when Prem Chopra came on the show he became much spiritual and didn’t come close to her though she knows on what kind of activity he does in movies and soon she developed the feelings like that of Alok Nath in his presence. Sharman suggests to Pinky Bua that when things are out of control then All is well will also happen. Both of them then dances on All is Well song from the movie – 3 Idiots. Sharman greets her and she then leaves from there. Kapil then welcomes Rekha ji and suggests that her fan following would be in millions and they are the ones who are much in awe of her eyes [Aankhoh Ke Masti Ki Mastane..] and calls her evergreen. Rekha ji comes on stage on the song Meri Ghar.. and showers a warm hug to Kapil and greets Randhir ji, Shweta, and Sharman.

Comedy Nights With Kapil 11th and 12th October 2014 - Sharman with Rekha ji

Sooner then, Daadi comes on stage and finds Rekha ji there and becomes amused and shouts Rekha. Daadi spends some time there and then gets hold of Rekha ji and showers her shagun ki pappi on her hand. Rekha ji in turn showers a kiss to Daadi on her hand. Daadi will also be revisiting her childhood days with Randhir ji and will try to flirt with him and also goes on to dance with him and looks much immersed in her thoughts. Daadi wishes Rekha ji long life and leaves from there and Rekha ji returns gratitude to her.

Comedy Nights With Kapil 11th and 12th October 2014 - Daadi flirting with Randhir ji

Since Comedy Nights with Rekha ji will run for 2 episodes (Saturday and Sunday) thus for the latter episode, Kapil makes an entry with her while a dance troupe performs and dance on the In Aankhon Ki Masti Ke Mastaane Hazaron so as to give tribute to her. Kapil sings and dedicates a song for her – Hum Hain Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein.. Subhah.. Shaam song and even Rekha ji sings with him. Kapil begins the conversation with Rekha ji again and suggests that he haven’t see her on TV show before this appearance from her and asks whether there is any specific reason for it. She replies on not having any thing to show thus didn’t appear on TV before. Siddhu speaks a quote on Rekha ji’s beauty and suggests that after seeing her even the angels will compliment her a lot and say that she is amazing and with no comparison. Kapil speaks that she always underestimate her and cites her song in which the lyrics was – In Aankhon ki Masti ke Mastaane Hazaaro Hain.. and suggests that few thousands who likes her a lot are just there itself so how come her fans are in thousands it should be more. She replies on not underestimating herself and suggests that she is well brought up and she asks him whether he knows English well invoking laughter. Kapil then brings a harmonium [note: It is Rekha ji’s own personal one] and Rekha ji needs to sing. Rekha ji starts singing while playing the harmonium – Rang Barse Chunar Wali……Bela Chameli ka.. Sej Saza Ya… Arey Bela Chameli ka song with much fervor and good tune. After singing, she tries to hide her face. She then speaks a dialogue – Ishq Walo Se Na Poocho Ke Unke Raat Ka Alam Tanha Kaise Guzarta Hain..Judaa Ho Humsfar Jiska Uska Yaad Karta Hain..Na Ho Jiska Woh Milna Ka Fariyad Karta Hain.. Siddhu appreciates and in awe of Rekha ji’s heartfelt dialogue. She then wants Bittu to invite his family. She informs him on a lighter note to call them fast since if it’s late then her saree will turn into a nightie.

Bittu first calls his wife Mrs. Sharma aka Manju. Manju comes and hugs Rekha ji and she is dressed as Umrao Jaan and wears a red dress with a cap and ornaments. Kapil makes a joke on Manju and suggests that instead of Umrao Jaan she looks like Bhai jaan. She replies on being an ardent fan of Rekha ji and then Bittu counters by saying that she would have come like Jaddoo since Rekha ji has done Koi Mil Gaya movie as well. Bittu then makes a taunt at Manju in the disguise of a famous dialogue by making a big change in it. Bittu speaks Main aur Meri Tanhaye Aksar Yeh baatein karte hain ke Tum Na hi Hoti to Acha Hota. Manju who was thinking of getting praise gets the Baba ji ka Thullu from Bittu and carries an angry look at him. Bittu doesn’t stop there and suggests that if she was not with him then her father wouldn’t have come to his home and the final straw of his taunt was the dialogue – Whether this is sound from leaves movement or the sound produced when her father has a stomach upset. Rekha ji thinks Bittu spoke it brilliantly and everyone gets laughter.

He taunts more on Manju and she then leaves from there. Kapil opens the floor to the audience and a young girl child informs of singing a song for Rekha ji. She sits in Rekha ji’s lap and sings the song in sur and in good tone – Neela Aasman So Gaya.. Aasyon Mein Chand Dooba… Rekha ji and everyone applauds the young girl and wishes her. Kapil informs that it is known that Rekha ji doens’t celebrate her birthday and informs the audience that her birthday was yesterday (10th October) and then goes on to seek permission for her since he wants to celebrate her birthday on set and cut the cake. Gutthi and Palak comes on stage and wants to give some special surprise to Rekha ji on her birthday and are seen in full spirit. While, Palak is seen to dress very colorfully and also have put some color on her face, Gutthi at her end is seen dressed like a cook and both sisters have fun chat with Rekha ji. Sooner then, Daadi, Bua, Manju comes with a nice cake and Rekha ji informs on not celebrating her birthday and suggests that every day should be celebration and asks the viewers to celebrate and keep watching Comedy Nights with Kapil on Colors. She sings the happy birthday song in soft tone and then everyone including Kapil sings the Happy Birthday song. Rekha ji cuts the cake and celebrates her birthday there [Tum Jiyo Hazaro Saal Yeh Hain Meri Aarzoo song plays in the background] and also grooves on Daadi’s dance moves. The show ends on that happy note. Stay tuned to Comedy Nights on Colors @ 10 PM.

Comedy Nights With Kapil 11th and 12th October 2014 - Gutthi and Palak with Rekha ji - birthday surprise

Additional Note:
* Rekha is a legendary Actress in India and was born on 10 October 1954 and her birth name was Bhaunrakhi Ganesan. She is the daughter of legendary late Tamil actor Gemini Ganesan.
– She is one of the versatile and fine actresses of Indian Cinema. Started working in movies as child actress in 1966 with Telugu film Rangula Ratnam. Some of her iconic movies are: Muqaddar Ka Sikandar (1978), Mr Natwarlal (1979), Khoobsurat (1980), Silsila (1981), Umrao Jaan (1981), Utsav (1984), Ijaazat (1987).
– Won National Film Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of a classical courtesan in Umrao Jaan (1981).
– Honored with Padma Shri (fourth highest civilian award) in 2010 by Government of India.
– Read more about Rekha ji at her Wikipedia page.

* Rekha ji upcoming Bollywood movie Super Nani with Sharman Joshi, Shweta Kumar and Randhir Kapoor will be releasing on 31st October 2014. Wikipedia page of Super Nani.

Sneak Peek 1: Rekha ji on CNWK, 11th and 12th October 2014

Sneak Peek 2:

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