Dare 2 Dance with Akshay Kumar 11th October 2014 11th Episode, Quarter-final Week on Life Ok – Written Snapshot


Dare 2 Dance Life Ok

Akshay Kumar (Host, Mentor) makes an entry on the jet sky boat and makes few rounds in water. He welcomes all and informs that Dare 2 Dance is now in the 6th week/Quarterfinal stage and the contestants are now 2 weeks away from the grand final. Last Week, Karan Singh Pangali was eliminated and one more contestant will be eliminated this week.


Akshay shows them the dare of this week which is a rappelling wall which is vertically standing/set-up at the edge of a mountain cliff and the performances there are called Dancing while rappelling and it is at a distance of 70 feet from the water front [equivalent of 7 floor building]. Rithvik speaks that after seeing it all their planning went berserk. Akshay then informs that the contestants will perform much higher so the total height will be of roughly 9-floor building. The stones are upward and not straight below that mountain cliff and in case the contestants fall from their vertical hanging stage they will fall on it directly and can get badly hurt. Kunwar Amar informs the viewers to not try such a stunt. Ross from the stunts team gives a demo performance on that vertical stage/wall on the Dare 2 Dance title song and using harness cables as support. He does some sommersaults and back flips and walks over that wall. He gets applaud and Akshay informs the contestants will perform there like Ross.

Akshay speaks of giving 2 green cards if he compliments the contestant with AK is Ok message and thus now the contestants will get either green card or red card from judges and moreover he will also give them either red or green cards. Thus, scheme of ranking is different now. He informs that the contestants will dance while talking and thus their test will start before their performance. He informs that if experts give them 2 red cards then they will not meet him.


* Kunwar Amar starts first and he does moon walk and then meets Akshay Kumar and dances while talking. Amar speaks of liking MJ and suggests that all dancers learn from MJ and copies his style. Amar speaks of feeling scary because of the height of the mountain cliff and the vertical stage/wall. The movements with the harness are computerized and Amar speaks of giving justice to his performance on MJ. Amar starts his performance and does moon walking on the stage there and performs on Sadda Haq song from the movie Rockstar. He does a big sommersault and falls bit awkward but manages well. He does side walks in MJ style and does some back flips and uses his hands. He walks over the stage and finishes in style. Sanjay speaks that MJ style with toes was done well and calls his performance as dangerous, smooth and criminal one and gives him a green card. Francois gives him a green card as well. Amar comes to Akshay and has to dance. Akshay compliments him with AK is OK message and gives him 2 green cards.
Result: Amar’s total tally is 6 Green Cards and 0 red cards.

* Alisha Singh comes next and Akshay informs that she is from Jharkhand. Alisha informs of doing freestyle and will also use wacking and dances while talking with him. He wishes her the best and wants her to walk like a Kangaroo. He calls Scarlett and wants her to show Kangaroo’s hopping steps to Alisha and she does it. Alisha is scared of heights as told by Amar in recorded conversation and she even slipped during rehearsals. Alisha speaks that harness is stuck to the stomach and thus needs lot of strength during the performance. She gets wishes from her father via phone call and starts her performance. Alisha performs on the Tera Bina…Marjawa…Main Hu Angel Devil Mera Yaar song…and she crawls over the stage/wall and stretches her legs well and climbs on the top. She ends with a finishing move where she does a freefall and reaches to the bottom of the wall. Francois gives her a green card and Sanjay speaks that she has given a weak performance in dance execution and gives her a red card and suggests that her slips were not clean. She comes to Akshay and he gives her green card for dance and a red card for her dare/stunt which is the opposite of judges.
Result: Alisha’s tally is 4 Green cards and 2 Red cards.

* Rithvik Dhanjani comes next and he starts dancing and Akshay calls the dance as Sindhi dance. Both speak in Sindhi language tone. Rithvik speaks in comical way that he will perform on free style and Akshay jokes on him that Rithvik will give a performance for free. Amar speaks that Rithvik is trying a lot and he hopes that Rithvik wins green since he wants to see him in upcoming rounds. Rithvik starts his performance while hanging with his head facing ground and then goes to make some back flips and performs on the Hain Rat Hain.. Khoobsurat Hain… song. He moves his hands and flips to two sides of the stage/wall. He goes on to make some sommersaults as his finishing move and reaches the top. He speaks of a hiccup because his harness slipped during his act and wishes to get 2 green cards from judges. Sanjay gives him a green card and Francois suggests that he didn’t give a clean performance and gives a red card. Rithvik comes to Akshay and informs of getting 1 Green and 1 Red card. Akshay asks whether he has hold the cable many times and Rithvik replies on holding it on occasions when needed. Akshay speaks that when he holds the cable many times Francois and he himself might have seen it and then gives him a red card for the dare part. Akshay gives another red card for his dance since he had much expectation from him. Rithvik got 3 Red cards and 1 Green card today.
Result: Rithvik’s tally is 2 Green cards and 4 Red cards until now. Akshay wishes him the best.

Akshay informs about a game where the contestants will be blindfolded and they have to identify the remaining 9 contestants. Emilie is being called first and he puts black cloth on her eyes to blindfold her and she cannot see anything. Akshay then calls a young man there who comes with red heart-shaped balloons. Akshay wants him to dance with her and after one try she learns that the man is her boyfriend Steven and identifies him by holding his curly hair. Steven sings Zindagi Ab Tum Hi Ho song and both dances and share romantic moment together. Emilie calls it as magical moment and thanks everyone with Bahut Shukriya and Bahut Dhaniyavad. Sanam becomes emotional and speaks of getting flashback memories because at one time he was also in love and was missing someone. Emilie’s boyfriend Steven then dances in slow motion on the Dare 2 Dance title track and moves his head and legs with much agility. Emilie speaks of doing double spin which is the one if you didn’t complete then you will hit the wall.

* Emilie Caillon starts her performance on the song Khulein Aasman Mein Khwabein Ke Parinde..She makes few double spin moves and moves her hands and legs well and does more flips and walks backwards and headstands. Her finishing move was the one where she caresses the stage and crawls to the top.  Akshay speaks that falling in love again and again is an amazing concept and you should ask a French man about it. He is happy about her performance. Francois speaks to Emilie that her head stands and moves were fine and gives her a green card and Sanjay gives her a green card as well. Akshay gives her the compliment with AK is Ok message and gives her 2 green cards.
Result: Emilie’s tally is 6 Green cards and 0 Red cards.

* Mayuri comes next and she had made a wildcard entry on the show and faced triple face-off last week. She speaks of getting ill during her rehearsals but now recovered. She starts her performance on the song Kuch To Hai Tujhse Raabta and does stretching with her legs and moves her hands on the lyrics. She puts her head facing the ground and then shows some gymnastic moves while stretching her legs a lot and finishes with a finesse pose. Francois speaks of liking her head stand and good balance and gives her a green card. Sanjay speaks that she performed on contemporary dance style and has shown good splits and gives her a green card as well. Akshay speaks that her performance was smooth and gives her AK is happy message and then gives her 1 Green and 1 Red card.
Result: Mayuri’s tally is 5 Green and 1 Red card. There will be an elimination tomorrow and speaks.

Next Episode: The remaining 5 contestants will perform – Sanam, Scarlett, Prince, Mayuresh and Sayantani.

Episode Video: Dare 2 Dance, 11th October 2014

Sneak Peek:
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Xtreme Dance reality:
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