Meenakshi gets a Diwali makeover to remarry in Diya Aur Baati Hum


sandhya and sooraj in diya aur baati hum

Its first Diwali for Sandhya and Sooraj. Sooraj gets a new bike as a gift and flaunts his style in western clothes and looks really cool. Sandhya is glad seeing him. Vikram has left Meenakshi at her mum’s house shocking everyone. Sandhya tells Bhabho that if Vikram has marry Prema, then even Meenakshi has a right to remarry and she will find a good guy for her. Meenakshi gets a makeover and looks really pretty, getting in Vikram’s heart once again and reviving their love. While Vikram is not able to forget the wounds she gave him, she tries hard to influence him, and everyone makes sure that Meenakshi makes Vikram restless. They talk to Vikram about Meenakshi’s second marriage, making him feel bad.


Zakir and Sandhya understand its RK’s network plan to make him suspended by blaming him for RK’s run out. Zakir lost his respect and also the badges, which SP orders Sandhya to remove. She sees Zakir crying and reads out the suicide note of Sabarwal, where he has put all the blame on Zakir. Sandhya is sure Zakir has nothing to do with this, and Zakir works underground to help Sandhya in RK’s security. Zakir comes to Rathi house for the Diwali function, and an angry Taisa insults him a lot, trying to male his face black. Zakir stops her and she still taunts him to be a cheat and helping, having her laugh on his getting suspension. Sandhya defends Zakir amidst all and shows her trust on him. Maya comes there in a new look, trying to see Zakir’s state and is happy seeing the way he is being blamed. Disha arrives as Sooraj’s supporter and rejoices with Rathi family. Keep reading.


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