Rehaan makes Aaliya initiate her first step towards Zain in Beintehaa

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Zain has many doubts on Rehaan and informed Aaliya the same, that Rehaan is behind Bilal’s kidnappig. She does not believe him at first, but knowing that Rehaan freed those goons by taking their case making her doubt Rehaan. She starts packing her bag to leave Rehaan’s home, but he stops her asking her to go out with his permission, else he won’t give her divorce. Rehaan then takes her to Barkat Royal for the dinner feast and there he taunts Surayya for fooling everyone. He then exposes Surayya’s plot to kidnap Bilal so that she can see Aaliya marry him, as per her desire. He tells Zain that Surayya’s sympathy for him is fake, and how she turned up at home to convince him to marry Aaliya.

Zain is shocked knowing the truth that Surayya has cheated him. Rehaan then tells Aaliya that she did not believe her husband, and trusted Zain more than him. He gets displeased by this and gives her the first divorce, to free her from the marriage and make her take the first step towards Zain, shocking Aaliya and Zain, and making their trust back on him. Rehaan does so to have a good valid reason for the divorce and not make the Halala Nikaah get intentional end, and not make it a sin for him and Aaliya to break the marriage. Will Zain and Aaliya understand Rehaan’s true motives to really become selfless and unite the lovers? Keep reading






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