Shlok’s Pita Bhakti for Niranjan gets Swaaha in Raavan Dahan in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir


shlok and niranjan in ipkknd2

Niranjan has sketched the drama to kidnap Astha for two hours to stop her from giving the presentation, and used the stupid goons who tell the same to Astha, making her wonder on the two hour funda. Astha gets freed by them and also wins the project giving presentation better than Shlok, making him proud. She tells Shlok and Anjali about her kidnapping. Shlok is worried for Astha and admits to Varad that he loves Astha a lot and can’t live without her, he just wishes her equation with Niranjan to become fine. Niranjan’s dream of losing Shlok looks near, as Astha sees him talking to the goons who kidnapped her. She hears them and is shocked knowing it was Niranjan behind her kidnapping. She quickly uses her phone to record their conversation to expose Niranjan in Shlok’s eyes. She thinks this time no one can stop her from showing the truth to Shlok.

The clever Niranjan spots her plan and gets her kidnapped again, and this time he threatened Anjali to take a big step against her and Astha, for which they will be responsible. Astha is kidnapped again and tied to the Raavan, which Agnihotri family will be burning in the Raavan Dahan function. Niranjan plans to make Shlok burn it and also kill the cause of the rift between father and son. Shlok is about to burn the Raavan where Astha is tied behind and the situation arises where he witnesses Astha and saves her in time. In Raavan Dahan, just like the evil burns, Niranjan’s true face will be out to Shlok and this time Shlok and Niranjan’s relation will be surely burnt. So, it’s a Swaha for Niranjan at this point and hope to see him changed or out of Shlok’s life. Keep reading.



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