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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai:
Avantika has been getting messages and calls from someone, hammering her of the past. Payal has asked for the decision making power of the home and as Rubel’s disabled state has made her angered. The entire family agrees to this. A man enters the home named Ayush who is close to Pankhudi, having met her after the landslide incident and took care of her well. But the fact is he is mentally laid back and is like a child. He enters and hugs Pankhudi shocking everyone. Pankhudi introduces him to everyone and she is asked to take Ayush’s responsibility. Aditya agrees to keep Ayush at the Diwaan Mansion, and thereby this leads to the events where Ayush and Pankhudi are seen getting along well, which irks the family and also makes Adi wonder about him. Did Ayush enter the house by some motive?

So many misunderstandings cropped up by Rajveer’s entry that it made Baldev very upset with Veera. Bansuri tells Baldev about Ranvi choosing inspector Rajveer for Veera. Though he does not believe her, as he knows Veera loves him, not anyone else. He goes to meet Veera, and finally tracks her. Their meeting solves all their problems and they become the cute love birds again. They think of some ideas to tackle Ranvi’s mind to accept them and does not get idea. Later on, they finally decide something that will shock Ranvi and make him accept them at any cost. Ranvi is happily waiting for Veera at home. Baldev and Veera turn up wearing garlands, as if they got married and shocks Ranvi and family. Ranvi starts getting furious on Baldev for making his sister go against him, and at the same time is annoyed with Veera for not respecting his decision. Baldev says we got married and no one can stop him from being with Veera now. Ranvi angrily holds his collar leading into a heated argument. He says he won’t accept this marriage and throws the garlands in anger. Did Veera and Baldev really get married without Ranvi’s consent?

Jamai Raja:
Roshni cries saying she did not never had food made by mum. Sid hears her and comes to know about DD never making food for Roshni ever and plans to make her cook by some clever move, so that Roshni can get happiness by having her mum’s handmade food. Sid then uses his charm power to challenge DD to cook better than him. DD accepts the challenge and tells him that she knows cooking well and it will be very far better than his dish. Roshni says a business woman can never be a good mother which also poses a challenge for DD. Will DD try to become a good mum for Roshni after accepting this challenge? The cooking competition between DD and Sid is on.

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:
Ranvir is upset that Ishani decided to marry Chirag and tried hard to keep her off home and off Chirag, but he fails. He comes home and hears her mum talking to someone about finding a good girl for her. Ranvir tells her to find the best proposal for him and he is ready to marry in 10 days, thinking to show Ishani. Chirag will be turning very sweet to Ishani and not even mind her being at RV’s home at night, when she goes to drop RV seeing him in drunk state. Ishani will be happy with Chirag’s upright behavior. Ishani keeps the Karwachauth fast for Chirag happily. Ranvir fumes and decides to get married the soonest shocking his mum. Diamond merchant Mr Zaveri’s daughter Ritika will be entering the show, and would have an instant liking for RV. Zaveri is RV’s busiess partner and Ritika bumps into RV by that link. RV’s mum starts liking her an finalizes her for him. RV agrees to marry Ritika just to make Ishani jealous. Thus, a love triangle will start in the show between Ranvir, Ishani and Ritika. Will Ranvir really marry Ritika and forget Ishani?

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Ek Hasina Thi:
Sakshi has seen the video tape seeing Rajnath and Raima together and talking about hiding their affair from Sakshi. She cries thinking how could her soul sister Raima cheat her. Akash revelation of Sakshi Goenka to be Sakshi Rahmat Khan has been a great twist. Rajnath is known to this fact and talks about a video tape which will ease him to kick out Sakshi from his life and marry Raima. He tells Raima that Sakshi is blackmailing him with that tape and thats why he is bearing her, once he gets the tape, he won’t bear her even for a second. Raima thinks to help Rajnath in getting the tape, so that she can marry him soon. She acts sweet to Sakshi and tells her about her two week holiday, which Rajnath also stated to Sakshi before. Sakshi thinks of the big deceive and plans to ruin Rajnath and Raima for back stabbing her. She comes home after getting the proof from Jatin, and appears calm as always. Durga does not see any expected reaction from her and wonders what went wrong. Durga tries her hand of taunting her to make her angry, but Sakshi is well composed. The Karwachauth event is near and Durga prepares for it as its her first one after marriage. Durga tries to start a war between Sakshi and Raima, and invites Raima for the function, making Sakshi furious. She creates a scene where Sakshi sees Raima and Rajnath and could not control her angry reaction. What will Sakshi do now seeing her enemy list increased?

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir:
Niranjan has sketches the drama to kidnap Astha for two hours, and used the stupid goons who tell the same to Astha, making her wonder on the two hour funda. Shlok is worried for Astha and admits to Varad that he loves Astha a lot and can’t live without her, he just wishes her equation with Niranjan to become fine. Niranjan’s dream of losing Shlok looks near, as Astha sees him talking to the goons who kidnapped her. She hears them and is shocked knowing it was Niranjan behind her kidnapping. She quickly uses her phone to record their conversation to expose Niranjan in Shlok’s eyes. She thinks this time no one can stop her from showing the truth to Shlok. But the clever Niranjan spots her plan and gets her kidnapped again, and this time he threatened Anjali to take a big step against her and Astha, for which they will be responsible. Astha is kidnapped again and tied to the Raavan, which Agnihotri family will be burning in the Raavan Dahan function. Niranjan plans to make Shlok burn it and also kill the cause of the rift between father and son. Shlok is about to burn the Raavan where Astha is tied behind and the situation arises where he witnesses Astha and saves her in time. In Raavan Dahan, just like the evil burns, Niranjan’s true face will be out to Shlok and this time Shlok and Niranjan’s relation will be surely burnt.

A cockroach scares Aarzoo so much that she jumps into the swimming poll being scared of it, bringing the love twist. She hugs Sahir and they come closer. Aarzoo came to thank him, and she screams seeing the cockroach and Sahir was enjoying the pool waters. He pacifies her holding her close. It brings a happy lovely twist in the show. Sahir did not save her before as she sinks in the pool. Aarzoo is afraid of water, but he does not hold her before knowing she can’t sink in the small pool. He feels she does not need any help from him, but later on seeing her struggle, he holds her and covers her with the dupatta. Love will soon start between the couple, fingers crossed.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:
Gopi is not able to expose Pari yet, as her father has become another trouble. Pari is finding it tough to manage after her dad has stolen the necklace and advised her to steal more jewellery form Modi house. Will everyone come to know that Pari’s dad is a thief? Jigar has accepted Pari as his wife seeing her concern for his family, and after saving Gopi’s life off the fire. Pari is happy that Jigar started liking her and starts taking help from someone. The show will have a maid’s entry in the house, who will be like Pari’s shadow helping her in winning Jigar’s heart. The maid will be reluctant to show her face to anyone in the family, making Gopi feel strange. This shocking twist in the tale will be Radha’s entry. The maid turns out to be Radha, who has come back in the Modi family to take revenge again. This will bring some good twists in the show, as Radha will not be loyal even to Paridhi and will use her as ploy against Modis. Will Gopi be able to safeguard her family?

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya:
Raj and Avni has changed their ways and have hatred between them now. The once in love couple are going to meet once again, as Raj is back in town. Avni is out travelling out of city and some goons chase her, troubling her. Avni shouts for help and guess who comes to her rescue. Its Raj, who saves her by beating away the goons and does his duty to protect her again. Avni is grateful to him, but does not let this change her hatred. This is Raj and Avni’s first face to face reach after the leap and hope it revives their memories of love.

Diya Aur Baati Hum:
Its first Diwali for Sandhya and Sooraj. Sooraj gets a new bike as a gift and flaunts his style in western clothes and looks really cool. Sandhya is glad seeing him. Vikram has left Meenakshi at her mum’s house shocking everyone. Sandhya tells Bhabho that if Vikram has marry Prema, then even Meenakshi has a right to remarry and she will find a good guy for her. Meenakshi gets a makeover and looks really pretty, getting in Vikram’s heart once again and reviving their love. While Vikram is not able to forget the wounds she gave him, she tries hard to influence him, and everyone makes sure that Meenakshi makes Vikram restless. They talk to Vikram about Meenakshi’s second marriage, making him feel bad. Zakir and Sandhya understand its RK’s network plan to make him suspended by blaming him for RK’s run out. Zakir comes to Rathi house for the Diwali function, and an angry Taisa insults him a lot, trying to male his face black. Zakir stops her and she still taunts him to be a cheat and helping, having her laugh on his getting suspension. Sandhya defends Zakir amidst all and shows her trust on him. Maya comes there in a new look, trying to see Zakir’s state and is happy seeing the way he is being blamed. Disha arrives as Sooraj’s supporter and rejoices with Rathi family.

Zain has many doubts on Rehaan and informed Aaliya the same, that Rehaan is behind Bilal’s kidnappig. She does not believe him at first, but knowing that Rehaan freed those goons by taking their case making her doubt Rehaan. She starts packing her bag to leave Rehaan’s home, but he stops her asking her to go out with his permission, else he won’t give her divorce. Rehaan then takes her to Barkat Royal for the dinner feast and there he taunts Surayya for fooling everyone. He then exposes Surayya’s plot to kidnap Bilal so that she can see Aaliya marry him, as per her desire. He tells Zain that Surayya’s sympathy for him is fake, and how she turned up at home to convince him to marry Aaliya. Zain is shocked knowing the truth. Rehaan then tells Aaliya that she did not believe her husband, and trusted Zain more than him. He gets displeased by this and gives her the first divorce, to free her from the marriage and make her take the first step towards Zain, shocking Aaliya and Zain, and making their trust back on him. Rehaan does so to have a good valid reason for the divorce and not make the Halala Nikaah get intentional end, and not make it a sin for him and Aaliya to break the marriage. Will Zain and Aaliya understand Rehaan’s true motives?

Chakor has seen Vivaan in the Durga Maa Pandaal and could not talk to him. she makes the event manager call up Vivaan and talks to him. She talks to him and he responds that he does not know any Chakor. She is stunned and heart broken. Vivaan can’t forgive Chakor as she has cheated him, and he has his dad because of her. On the other hand, Aditya is worried for Chakor. Ishwar is tensed as if Bhaiya ji gets Chakor, he will not spare her. Prabhakar asks Ishwar to back off this matter as it can lead them to death, as Bhaiya ji has already threatened them. Ishwar tells him that he is not afraid of Bhaiya ji and will free Chakor at any cost. Pasha is still finding Chakor and Bhaiya ji is waiting for her. Where will Chakor’s fate take her now?


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