Raman turns heroic to save Ishita from kidnappers; an eye soothing hug follows in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


raman in yeh hai mohabbatein

Raman is full of jealousy because of Mani, after seeing her make Mani wear the gold bracelet which she was buying for him. Ishita shares her feelings with Mani about Raman and her relationship, which does not have love fulfillment, but it still showers concern and support for each other. Raman is following tips to become the good husband and wants to keep her happy. He calls Ishita at some place, faking his accident, to which she hurriedly reaches the place, only to get kidnapped by some goons. Raman reaches there to meet her and is shocked seeing some men taking her in the car forcibly. Raman quickly follows them and stops their car by bringing his car infront. He becomes the Akshay Kumar of Telly and thrashes the goons to surprise Ishita by his inborn talent to be heroic.

She gets kidnapped by some misunderstanding and is relieved as Raman becomes her savior. Ishita gets saved and hugs Raman, soothing him with the warm feelings and playing the BG Yeh Hai Mohabbatein……. She thanks him and shows care for his wounds. She comes to know about his stupid lie of his accident and her kidnapping happened by his silly mistake. She gets annoyed of him, but Raman has his ways to woo her, as he has finally started accepting what she means to him, as shown is the scenes where Raman could have done anything for his Madrasan wife. Raman and Ishita’s hug is a must watch, as it has Raman’s hearty acceptance after the kiss he gave on her cheek. Luckily, Raman got some real wounds after the fight up with the goons and the dear wifey will be taking care of them. We surely kept fingers crossed to see their romance. Keep reading.




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