Sheela points on Pankhudi and Ayush’s puzzling connection shocking Adi in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai

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adi and pankhudi in pyaar ka dard hai

Avantika is worried as she has been getting messages and calls from someone, hammering her of the past. She sees a lady around her who messages her to make her realize her presence. She runs after her to see her face and the lady leaves. Payal has asked for the decision making power of the home and as Rubel’s disabled state has made her angered. The entire family agrees to this. Some people from landslide victim past comes to Diwaan Mansion and brings a unstable person Ayush who is close to Pankhudi, having met her after the landslide incident and took care of her well. But the fact is he is mentally laid back and is like a child. He enters and hugs Pankhudi shocking everyone. Pankhudi introduces him to everyone and she is asked to take Ayush’s responsibility.

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Aditya agrees to keep Ayush at the Diwaan Mansion, and thereby this leads to the events where Ayush and Pankhudi are seen getting along well, which irks the family and also makes Adi wonder about him. Did Ayush enter the house by some motive? Avantika will be facing Harish’s past and Ayush related to him. Sheela sees Pankhudi and Ayush in an odd situation in bedroom and complaints to Adi and Avantika about them. She tells them that she feels their relation is not juts friendly. Adi gets angry and defends Pankhudi. Avantika does not like Ayush and says it will be good if he is away from her. Ayush hears this and gets upset. Ayush teams up with Rubel and tries to heal his nerve problem.

Adi believes Ayush and Pankhudi, and is adamant that he will support Ayush till he recovers completely. Payal is disturbed as she is missing the romance in her life, post Rubel’s condition gone bad. She passes by Adi and Pankhudi’s room, and sees them hugging and spending quality time. She gets angry as they both are responsible for Rubel’s state. Will Ayush be able to cure Rubel and win a place in Diwaan family? Keep reading.






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