Ajabde and Pratap’s first Meetup Post-Leap – Defiant fighter vs. Principled country man


Pratap in disguise of a common man of Chittor helps Patta by giving a 6-course meal (including Laddoos) since he was hungry. Pratap speaks of going to Bijolia with Patta to participate in agitation against Mewar state but Patta declines citing not having trust on unknown people.


After some distance, Pratap stops Patta who was going back to Bijolia and proposes again to visit Bijolia to take part in the agitation. Patta doesn’t agree and sooner both begins to fight with Patta using 2 swords while Pratap obliges to fight with one sword.

Sketch of Ajabde and Pratap’s first meet-up Post leap:
Ajabde who was approaching Chittor on a horse with some soldiers of Bijolia finds a common man of Chittor and Patta engage in a fight. Ajabde and Pratap both doesn’t know how each other look after many years of separation. Pratap stops for a while to look at an unknown girl (Ajabde) and Patta uses that moment and attempts to attack Pratap which annoys him. After getting that setback and attack, Pratap goes on vengeance for which Patta didn’t have any answer and falls down from a cliff down the mountain. Just then, Ajabde begins the sword fight with Pratap though he is without any sword and instead has to use his turban cloth to defend all the attacks from her. The fight goes on for some time and Pratap cuts his hand when he holds the sword of Ajabde and blood oozes out from his hand. Sooner there is a moment when Pratap pulls Ajabde towards him with that cloth and both share eyelocks and soon feel special connection but doesn’t recognize each other. Ajabde thinks Pratap as common soldier of Mewar who was just following the duty of his king and she asks how come a messenger of Bijolia referring to Patta was under seige/attack by Mewar. On that note, Pratap offers to surrender himself along with Chakrapani since he cannot carry a sword and attack a woman which is against his principles.  He then urges Ajabde (girl fighter from Bijolia) to take him along with her to Bijolia. It turns out that she would not agree to Pratap and instead sets him free.

Later, Pratap and Chakrapani follows her and Ajabde instructs her soldiers to trap them. It is seen that Pratap and Chakrapani are trapped in a net and hanging in air while tied to the tree. While Pratap is completely changed now and is more suave and have patience not the ones like before when he was having much anger after learning about Maharani Jaivantbai’s Sanyaas to Vrindavan. On other hand, Ajabde is shouldering the responsibility of her Bijolia province and became strong and independent since her province was languishing since many years without development and attacks from Afghans as Chittor didn’t provide any help. The reason for Chittor’s turning blind eye to Bijolia is because of Dheer Bai and Dhaman Singh activities to create fake records of help being delivered to Bijolia from time to time.

How would Ajabde and Pratap know about their real identities ? Will Pratap be able to go to Bijolia and comes to know of the reality and prevalent problems there ? For how long Udai Singh will be under the influence of Dheer Bai regarding Bijolia and its situaton ? When would Jaivantbai comes back to Mewar and whether she is going to end her Sanyaasi (hermit) stay ? Keep Reading..



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