Rajveer and Baldev indulge in a football match to win Veera



Ranvi has suggested Rajveer for Veera shocking Ratan and Chai ji. The elders get worried as Ranvi is not able to understand where Veera’s heart lies and her strong love for Baldev. Ranvi is adamant that he will give equal chance to Rajveer and Baldev and see who is more suitable for Veera. Rajveer and Baldev challenge each other for a football match. Rajveer has a dark past which he does not want to share with anyone, and even on Ranvi’s asking again and again, he does not tell anything. Rajveer starts having a negative shade in his character and gets obsessed to get Veera as its on his ego now, after having an argument with Baldev. Baldev gifts a ring to Veera and asks her to keep wearing it so that she supports their love. She happily wears it and Rajveer makes her lose the ring, by hiding it and asking her to explain Baldev to understand if the ring got lost and that won’t affect their love. Rajveer tries creating troubles in the couple, but fails, as Baldev and Veera has good understanding.

The football match makes everyone tensed, as the guys take it on their egos and believe the one who wins will get Veera. Veera cheers for Baldev and encourages him to perform well. The Pind people enjoy the match. Baldev and Rajveer make good goals and Ranvi looks on, checking will Baldev use any wrong way to hit the goals. The match is exciting and Veera will get more problems, as Rajveer is chosen by Ranvi finally. Veera has to go through tough time to make Baldev as Ranvi’s choice. Will Ranvi find abut Rajveer’s bad past? Keep reading.



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