Aaliya and Zain dig Rehaan’s grey side out in Beintehaa

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Rehaan’s character is growing grey, as he wanted Surayya to be punished for his wife Rida’s death, as Surayya has hit her by her car and did not take her to the hospital. Aaliya and Zain know the one side of the story and does not believe Surayya is the culprit. They feel Zarina is hiding something, and why did she not allow Surayya to rush Rida to hospital. Aaliya wants to know about Rida’s past with Rehaan, and is unsure to get clear details as Rida died four years ago. She then tries seeing her facebook account, and sees her depressed status message that she wants to go far and she hates someone. Aaliya tries to figure out did Rida had any problem with Rehaan. She starts doubting Rehaan. Rehaan gives the second divorce to Aaliya, and is in form on his promise to Aaliya.

But seeing Aaliya support Surayya, Rehaan asks her to go to Surayya’s home or to her parents. Aaliya does not listen to him, and stays at his home to find the missing links in Rehaan’s pasts. Habib sees Aaliya’s doubt and clears about Rehaan being a very honest man, and never having any problems with Rida. Aaliya then gets a clue about a major fight between Rida and Rehaan, which made Rida drag him to police station. Aaliya and Zain dig up Rehaan’s past, which is not as good as looks to them. What the truth of Rehaan and Rida’s marriage? Keep reading.






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