Astha and Shlok to defuse Niranjan’s evil together in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir

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Astha and Shlok in ipkknd2

Niranjan has got exposed in Shlok’s eyes. Shlok could not take the shock and went to end his life at the cliff. Astha reaches there in time and stops him, making him understand what he means to her, Anjali and rest of the family. She asks him to confront Niranjan for his wrong deeds. Shlok is in no mood to see Niranjan’s face and feels he lost in life. He says he don’t have any reason left to live now. Astha asks him to share Anjali’s pain and support her, as she is longing for a son. Shlok agrees and goes home with Astha. Niranjan is worried as he is unable to track Shlok. He gets angry on Anjali, who spoke to Astha and does not tell him about Shlok.

Niranjan hurts Anjali in his anger, shocking Shlok once again. Niranjan pushes Anjali by showering his rude words on her. Shlok holds Anjali and calls her Aai, stunning Niranjan by his acceptance for Anjali. Shlok hugs Anjali and wipes her tears. Shlok then tackles Niranjan saying that he hates him and he knew the one he preached as his Lord will be a devil. Shlok disowns his father, shocking him. Niranjan can’t bear this and fumes on Anjali and Astha for taking away his son. Shlok decides to leave the house as he can’t bear Niranjan now. Niranjan counts all the favors he did on him till now, and also how Shlok is known being a Agnihotri, and now he will have to leave the surname when he steps out of the home. Shlok gets angry and breaks all relations with him, being just Shlok now to teach Niranjan a lesson of life time. Astha asks Shlok to bring a change in Niranjan, as only he is the one who can influence Niranjan. Will Shlok take up this task to change his father’s evil into good? Keep reading.


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  1. polmard Avatar

    Aces performace by all cast IPKKNDEBP Emotional perf expressions/dialogues.the best show of starplus.Excited to c > of AShlok,Anjali reaction & efforts of changing NA

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