Ayush turns out to be Avantika’s son in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai


adi and pankhudi in pyaar ka dard hai

Avantika has finally tracked down Mrs. Verma, who has been following Avantika and Ayush, and trying to remind Avantika what happened 30 years before. Avantika was getting connecting messaged and the news paper ad about Amit Sharma dying in the car accident. So is Avantika linked to Amit? The answers are finally out, as Ayush is Avantika’s son and elder to Adi. Harish is unknown to this, and he has been planning a wedding anniversary for Avantika, by taking help from Adi. Avantika has abandoned her son before at the orphanage, where Mrs. Verma took care of Ayush and grew him up. Ayush then left to find his mum and has been wandering everywhere. He knows about Diwaan Family, as told to him by Mrs. Verma.

Avantika gets shocked to know about Ayush’s identity and starts caring for him, as she wanted to keep him away by disliking him. Pankhudi has heard Avantika and Mrs Verma’s conversation and is shocked to see about Ayush’s family, that he belongs to them. She confronts Avantika and asks her not to run, as no one will be refusing to accept Ayush. Avantika comes home and is surprised seeing Harish and Adi arranging for her anniversary. She breaks down as Ayush makes her wear the ring, and says she is my mum. Avantika confesses to Harish that Ayush is her illegitimate son, before she married him. Everyone is stunned knowing this truth. Pankhudi becomes Avantika’s strength and makes her bond with Ayush, thus convincing the family to accept Ayush happily. What will be Adi and Harish’s reaction on this? Keep reading.



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