Pragya tries saving Abhi and realizes her love feelings for him in KumKum Bhagya


abhi and pragya in kumkum bhagya

Abhi has got the bail out as Pragya has got the lawyer from him, taking Purab’s help. Aaliya comes to know about this and asks Tanu to come along to jail to turn the tables in their favor. Abhi is glad that he is free, not knowing about the corporator trying to harm him once he gets out of the police station. Pragya gets this news and wants to keep Abhi safe, and inside the lockup till the problem gets solved. She reaches the police station and shockingly gives the statement against Abhi, to get him back in the lockup. Aaliya and Tanu are surprised as their drama plan got flat.

Abhi gets angry as he has beaten the corporator to keep Pragya’s family respect and gets this in return. He starts hating her even more and Pragya does not tell him the reason for her decision. He regards her as his big enemy and they start arguing again, not even sparing the police station for their Nok Jhok. Pragya wants to save Abhi’s life and has planned all this. She wants to keep the corporator away from Abhi. She tries finding out about the corporator, who intentionally provoked Abhi to beat him publicly that day. She tries her best to capture a video from her mobile phone and get evidence against the corporator. She thinks how to use the proof and how to get Abhi out of the jail. Pragya comes home and sees his pic, feeling love for him for the first time. She has seen him worrying for her and her family, and has now felt love for Abhi. She thinks she is very jealous of Tanu, like a wife stays angry on Sautan. She feels its love that’s growing in her heart. Tanu hears her talking and says keep dreaming Pragya, as Abhi will be just mine. Will Pragya be able to confess her feelings to Abhi? Keep reading.

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