Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 2 17th October 2014 Episode 8 starring Sehrish Ali and Avinash Mukherjee on Zing TV – Written Update

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Avinash Mukherjee Sehrish Ali

Surbhi Jyoti (the hostess) starts the show and speaks that we have heard every things change with time but there are some things remained the same like earlier. For instance, speaking about girl’s career, what diploma and career she has to choose and other small things hinges upon parent’s decision and she doesn’t get support from society as well.

The story is about Mukti from Meerut and is very intelligent and wants to do something different in life but her dreams are not echoed by her parents. Let’s see her story. The story starts with Mukti dancing in her home while watching a video song Yeh Ishq Hain.. playing at the television. She grooves happily and even uses her teddy bear as prop. She changes her channel when her mother comes and speaks to her mother about wearing Saree like that of a girl shown waiting for her Suhaag Raat on TV channel. She informs her mother of not doing graduation and her mother asks whether she will dance on stage. Soon, her father comes and wants to see news channel. Mukti becomes dejected on not able to see the TV with ease and leaves to her home. Mukti gets a call from her friend who informs about a channel’s audition and she learns about it and wants to record a video and send for auditions. Next day, Mukti records an video message of her to enact her acting. Her friend wants to act without Dupatta but she calls it as her lucky mascot. She comes back to home and soon gets a call from Abhishek – audition organizer who informs that she is shortlisted for the channel reality show and asks her to come to Mumbai. She becomes excited to get selection for the audition and is fully excited at home. She dances again with background song Jugni.. Jugni and hugs her mother. She receives a message from her friend Chhaya who wants a party from Mukti and she agrees for it. Mukti speaks about her worry that how would she go to Mumbai without informing her parents. Chhaya advises her to speak with her mother and suggests that every work has problem and thinks that her parents will agree after some initial anger.

Mukti goes to help her mother in kitchen and she then opens up and speaks about taking permission from her. She informs on sending an audition to Mumbai and she was selected by Abhishek from Zee TV and wants her mother to convince her husband. She tries to convince more and soon her father comes there and learns that his daughter wants to go to Mumbai to give an audition. Mukti’s father slaps her on hearing about it and she speaks how her parents have dealt with her elder sister who wanted to become a writer and instead she was married. Her father removes the cable which enables broadcasting of channels and informs her of seeing a good boy who does business with general store and will open new stores in different cities.  Mukti wants her mother to intervene but didn’t got any help. Sooner then, Mukti is being forced to get married by her parents and her mother suggests that her education can go on after marriage and her to-be husband Vikas has given his word to it. Mukti marries Vikas and she remembers her recorded audition video during the marriage ceremony.

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that Mukti’s story comes to the point where her dreams are not fulfilled like other girls from small towns. She wanted to act in TV serials and movies and wanted to make a career. She got married against her wishes and Surbhi speaks that such instances happen in real life and we don’t know how such events makes an impact on their life and relationship we don’t know.

Mukti is seen with Vikas on her wedding night and looks sad. Two months passes by and she continues to remain dejected and is at her home she gets a call from Vikas who invites her for a movie night. She speaks of not having mood and suggests him to go with his friend. Vikas is seen there at their home but hides from her. He asks her to take rest and suggests they can go to movie some other time. Later, she remembers her childhood days and looks at photo album. Some of the photos reminds of her dance performances dating back to her younger years. [Jalte Rahein… Andheri.. Roshni Ke Tale.. song].. She becomes more dejected and watches TV at home. Vikas comes to home and finds her lost in own space. She doesn’t speak while both are seen on the bed. She lies down and he informs her of bringing college forms next day and she has to filled it. He admits that her marriage was against her wishes and she speaks of not believing that Saat Pheras will realize their marriage and suggests that there will always be distances between them. Vikas meets Mukti’s friend Chhaya and informs about his wife’s dejection and asks about the reason of her sadness and loneliness. Chhaya informs that as he knew Mukti was married against her wishes and actually she wanted to go to Mumbai to act there. She informs that Mukti even got selected for the auditions and before she planned to go there she was married. Chhaya cites that for those reasons Mukti doesn’t speak to him and even to her. Vikas comes to his home and tries to take care of Mukti when her hands get slight burn rashes [Tere Bina song plays].

He speaks of going to Mumbai for some urgent and she replies on hating Mumbai. He speaks of not knowing Mumbai well but they can stay at his friend’s home and who knows she may get an opportunity to act in TV or movies. He also suggests that distance between them will also shrink if they stay together there. She asks what reason he will give to his parents ? He speaks that his parents are also like her and wants to give some ordinary excuse like they are going on a visit. Vikas and Mukti leaves to Mumbai next day and arrives there. Vikas takes her to the studio in a taxi and both looked at each other on the way but doesn’t speak. They reach one set where Abhishek the audition organizer is seen there and he informs her that she has a problem on coming late and cites that NCR people are like this. He asks her to read and remember the script and come next day and then goes on to make a taunt on her region (North) and cites that she is single and suggests that only single people can survive in the industry. Abhishek then asks about Vikas and he replies on being Mukti’s relative. He makes a taunt at Vikas as well and asks her to be ready for the shoot and has to remember the script. After then, Mukti and Vikas leaves to his friend’s home and after reaching there he helps her in household chores and shows care for her. He compliments on her Saree dress after looking at her for some time. He opens her hairs and informs her to not bring someone close to her such that he will be drifted farther from her.

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that Vikas and Mukti’s life took a new lease after coming to Mumbai and he took a home on rent. Mukti was working hard to get through in her acting break while Vikas’s happiness starts to fade away.

Next day, Mukti is seen at the shooting and enacts a scene with a man Avinash. After the end dialogue of the scene, Avinash tries to come close to her and the director thinks that shot to be fine. That bit of intimate scene is seen by Vikas who was standing at some distance from Mukti. The director compliments her and then Abhishek comes and hugs her. Later, at home Mukti speaks of coming closer to Vikas in very small time. He also agrees to it and she suggests that he has supported her in every second and situation and it turns out that those were dialogues of her script. Soon, Vikas gets a call from his father and he informs of visiting and roaming around the city. His parents wanted to speak with Mukti but he gives an excuse that she is in the restroom. After ending the call, he asks her about last night’s shooting and she informs of not being a big heroine to have a hero. She speaks of getting compliments on set. He asks her to call his mother when she gets time.

Next day at the set, Mukti gets some payment in cash and she is seen drinking a tea with an acting organizer. He offers her Ad shoot and she agrees for it and signs the agreement. She does the photo shoot. Later, she comes home and practices a shoot scene with her lucky dupatta and soon Vikas come there and puts her dupatta and wants her to look in the mirror. She obliges first and then feels uncomfortable. Next day, Vikas is seen informing his parents about coming back next week and just then Mukti comes to home after shooting. He informs her that they will go back next week since for how long they will lie to their parents. On that note, she becomes shocked and then informs him of getting an offer from a big director and she might be getting a lead role. He is happy to hear it and plans to excuse his parents of visiting the Vaishnodevi temple. He asks about the hero of her shooting and she informs of not knowing. She presents him an expensive watch and he then wears it and feels happy and thanks her. Mukti speaks of getting more money on that day thus thought to buy a watch for him. Mukti gets a call from her mother and she informs her of coming home soon. Both share some quiet moment.

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that as known where there is a will there is a way. Mukti was getting good offers and Vikas was getting her attention and it was seen that all the hard work he put in Mukti was coming true. Mukti’s dreams were getting fulfilled and both were happy.

Next day, Vikas calls Mukti at her set and learns that she is busy on the set. He then goes to meet her and finds from the security that she is busy in the shot and he then leaves from her and discloses himself as her relative. Mukti is seen preparing for the shot and he then calls her and speaks of getting worried about her. He then wants her to meet him at bandra stand at 5 PM and she hesitantly agrees for it. Mukti is being told about the shot sequence where she needs to escape from drunkard people on her way and have to release the hero’s ropes who is seen tied in ropes. The director informs her that she has to do such thing and the hero will do his work. She agrees for it and soon learns from a crew member that her relative has been admitted to a hospital in Bandra after meeting with an accident. She then informs the director of leaving to the hospital in Bandra where her husband is admitted after an accident. He asks her to finish the shot sequence since producer’s money is at stake and also junior artists are present.

Actress Rhea Chakraborty from movie Sonali Cable has a guest appearance in this episode and she meets Mukti. Mukti informs that her husband is in the hospital because of an accident. She informs on speaking to the director and he has told her to finish her shoot first and then leave. Rhea suggests her to leave in the first go since her husband is admitted and not any relative and informs her that she will get more opportunities in her career. She wants her to help her own and suggests she needs to go. After getting motivation, Mukti decides to leave but she is again stopped by the director who threatens that her career will be destroyed and also will have a bad name in the media and will not get another movie role. She replies of not wanting name and fame which will make her drift from her own and also informs him of not working with him in his movie from now on. She speaks of returning back the money and also suggests that if he again create troubles then her husband will see him in court. Mukti leaves in a taxi and remembers the past moments with Vikas and director’s last words. [Maula Maula song plays in BG]. She carries teary face and soon reaches the hospital and finds Vikas to be slightly injured with a fracture at his hand. The doctor informs that Vikas can be discharged the same day. He speaks on arranging the birthday cake for her since her birthday is tomorrow. In the process of doing it, he met with an accident. He also asks about her shooting and she informs that it was her passion to do acting which she has completed. She also informs on completing that passion because of him and he always stood beside her in every situation. She speaks of things have changed now and even she is changed now and starts loving him. After confessing her love for him, she speaks of giving up her work for him since she wants to stay with him. Moreover, if she looses him once then couldn’t find him another time and then apologizes to him and showers a hug [Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya title song plays].

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that Mukti’s dream got fulfilled and she got Vikas. Vikas at his end got Mukti and their story ends with both getting happiness. Surbhi asks the viewers to share their opinion if they were present in Mukti and Vikas’s place. People can use the hashtag #PTKK to voice their opinion on Zing TV’s Twitter and facebook page.

Mukti and Vikas's Love Story

Info on Cast:
* Mukti is portrayed by actress Sehrish Ali
– Sehrish is originally from Bhopal but now lives with family in Mumbai
– Portrayed the role of Pratigya’s friend Roli in Star Plus’ show Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya [December 2009 to 2012]
– Portrayed the role of Payal Sinha in Color’s show Bhagyavidhaata (2011).
– Currently portrays the role of Chavi Rathi (sister-in law of Sandya) in Star Plus’s show Diya Aur Baati Hum.
– Sehrish’s Facebook page.

* Vikas is portrayed by actor Avinash Mukherjee
– Avinash was born on 1st August, 1997 in a Bengali family and is aged 17 years now
– Portrayed the role of young Jagya in Colors show Balika Vadhu
– Worked in the role of Ankit Hasmukhlal on Color’s show – Sanskaar

* Rhea Chakraborty: Actress and also Video Jockey, Anchor
– Brief Guest Appearance in today’s Episode of PTKK
– Rhea is the lead actress in the movie Sonali Cable which released today. The movie’s Wikipedia page.
– Rhea’s Wikipedia page and Twitter page.

Image credit: Facebook page of Sehrish

Episode Video: PTKKx2, Mukti and Vikas’s Love Story, 17th October 2014
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