Sakshi spikes Rajnath’s drink and goes ahead to kill Raima in Ek Hasina Thi


sakshi in ek hasina thi

Durga tries to start a war between Sakshi and Raima. She creates a scene where Sakshi sees Raima and Rajnath and could not control her angry reaction. Sakshi is stunned as Dayal had made Raima the PR manager of the Cancer Research Project. She gets jealous and could not keep her evil feelings inside. She tells everyone that she has suggested Raima’s name everywhere, thinking she will need a job to balance her life, after not getting the alimony from Jatin. Rajnath and Raima’s affair was brought in Sakshi’s eyes by Durga, to weaken Sakshi and divert her focus from Durga. But Sakshi does not react as expected, and acts cool, not giving the hint to Rajnath and Raima that she knows about their affair.

Raima comes in the Karwachauth party and Sakshi welcomes her by the unusual taunts, making Raima angry. Raima speaks about helping the Goenkas in Payal’s rape case and Dev catches her words to extract more from her. Sakshi is shocked and worried for Shaurya. She decides to end Raima’s chapter for once and all. Rajnath takes Raima home and asks her to give two weeks time, to kick out Sakshi from his life. Sakshi has other plan and mixes a table in Rajnath’s drink, to make him sleepy. She then heads to Raima’s house and enters her bedroom in darkness. She slaps her to wake her up, and wear gloves to execute her murder. Sakshi aims the gun at Raima, shocking her. Sakshi and Raima have an argument, and Sakshi finally bids her bye, ready to shoot her. Will Sakshi really kill Raima? Keep reading.


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