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D3 Dil Dosti Dance:
Sara heads to leave. Rey says he shouldn’t have held his hand on her. She shows him some moves and tells him she is a karate champ as well. She goes to collect neem leaves nearby, and tells him she will make a paste of them with honey and apply them on her face. He asks is she really from London, as these trips are traditional? She says she won’t forget about her traditions, and all thanks to their Indian cinema. He says she is mad, but she runs away. Rey smiles thinking about her. The D3 perform on Diwali.

Jhalli Anjali Ke Tootey Dil Ki Amazing Story:
Dhruv asks Anjali anything to say. Anjali says that she will pray daily to Babaji…Dhruv asks Anything to say. Anjali is quiet. Anushka calls Dhruv tells it is late. Anjali says bye to Dhruv as it is late. Dhruv sits in car and sees from the window to Anjali. Anjali cries and turns. Dhruv goes. Anjali is near bus tells Babaji that what is this happening, as she is seeing Dhruv everywhere.

Sadda Haq:
Vardhan drops Sanyukta home. How Sanyukta go to your family you can’t take a stand for yourself. Randhir is behind the plants. He says come sanyu decide for yourself. Sanyukta is going on thinking of all the FITE moments. Sanyukta rings the door bell. She says I know you I love you mom dad but I love my dream too. I might not get a second chance. I will follow my dreams. Agarwal asks Sanyukta where were you. He slaps Sanyukta and says I will get you married tomorrow. Vardhan comes in and says you can’t separate Sanyukta and engineering. Ankit shoves him and says who are you. Sanyukta slaps Ankit and says how dare you to slap shove him.






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