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Balika Vadhu:
Nandu lights a lamp infront of Basant’s photo. He talks to his father’s photo and says he is missing him very much. He says I don’t need anything. I have become matured and old now. Niranjan hears and gets teary eyed. Nandu turns and sees him. He touches his legs and takes his blessings. Niranjan blesses him. Nandu asks are you going to school. Niranjan says yes. Nandu says I am not going today and asks him to return early. Niranjan thinks today is my last day. I will try to spend much time with you. He promises to come soon and hugs him. Palash comes and kidnaps Anandi on Diwali day. Shiv hears Anandi’s screams and sees Palash taking Anandi with him. Shiv follows Palash in his car.

Rehan says Zain that he alleged him for his wife’s murder and says he would have at least thought about his children. He says it is his family’s usual habit of alleging others and says Aaliya is still his wife and asks what if he does not divorce her and she tries to suicide for not getting divorce. He says both their relationships are changing from now. Zain says Surayya that Rehan has forcefully kept Aaliya. Surayya says when she cannot separate them, how will Rehan separate them and asks Zain to bring back Aaliya.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:
Ishaani is frustrated, that these were the most important days of her life. RV regrets that he can’t stop her spoiling her life, by marrying Chiraag. Ishaani comes to RV, he says that as now she has disturbed him she must help him chose a ring. She asks how. He was about to say something, when she says she knows he is the boss, and she has to pay him 40,000.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Sid opens his eyes and sees Roli by his side. He says they hit you? I will kill them all. Roli says we have to use our minds calm down. We can gather our by the tension baa and Karthik have created. They lied and that is why Simar lost her marriage. The same baa is in our house and she will utter the truth today. She tells him her plan. Baa says Sunaina wasn’t even in peace after death. She wanted to seek revenge and then she captured Simar and wanted to live with her family. She made Simar do all what she did with Prem.

Shastri Sisters:
Devyaani is at home and scolds Peeya for calling Rajat as Bhaiya. Anushka comes home and asks Devyaani for water. Devyaani does not give water being angry on her. Anushka thinks about Rajat and smiles. Devyaani sees Anushka smiling. Anushka serves food to Rajat and they have a talk. Devyaani sees them together and is shocked.

Aditya gets ready to go to school and says he does not want to go, but he has to do as Prabhakar won’t let him miss school. He asks her to come to school as she can meet Vivaan. She nods no and he thinks of her words to get a gift for Vivaan. He asks her to take the flowers and come. She thinks of Ishwar’s words to wait. She nods no. She looks at the phone. Kasturi and everyone get upset.

Ambika speaks up now. I was expecting this only from you. You can get my DNA test done. You will be able to find out if I am saying truth or not. But I will do penitence for my misdeeds till then. I will stay alone till the time it is proved. Maiyya announces that she won’t go anywhere. You will stay here in front of me. My grandson will be born and raised here in front of me. You have my family’s lineage in you. It isn’t some bad blood. Malvika advises Ambika to be patient. We will get everything but on the right time. Ambika nods. Meethi knocks at the door. Who is inside? Please open the door. Ambika opens the door.


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