TR Round Up Spoilers


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Diya Aur Baati Hum:

Zakir and Sandhya has made the situation possible to catch RK’s network. Disha and Prema left the GPS chip bag and ran far to some shop. Zakir follows them and is shocked seeing its Prema and Disha who cheated Rathi family and the police department. Zakir tries connecting to Sandhya, and before he could say what he saw, he aims the gun at Disha and Prema. Maya comes there and injects a chemical on him, to make him fall unconscious. Sandhya reaches there and no one is around. She rushes Zakir to the hospital. Zakir slips in coma and Sandhya gets teary eyes. She says she will take the revenge from those people who did this to him. She says she will never let RK win and fail operation Grahan at any cost. Sooraj comes to meet Zakir, and ties a spiritual thread praying for his recovery. Will Zakir come out of coma being Operation Grahan plane hijack takes place?

Sasural Simar Ka:

Surbhi has lied about her pregnancy to everyone, which made Mata ji and everyone angry on her. Mata I has realized that Simar is innocent and regrets for humiliating her so much. She breaks down thinking of the injustice done to Simar. Simar questions Prem did he forget her? Prem does not answer her. Everyone knows that Prem loves Simar, but he has ruined Surbhi’s life by marrying her. Surbhi loves Prem and could not get his love. Vikrant gets drunk to say the truth to Simar after a long wait. She asks what is it. Vikrant says he loves her. Simar is shocked. Mata ji decides to get Simar back home with respect. What is in Simar’s fate now?

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Radha has made the entry in Modi family. Radha comes in Jigar’s room at night and makes Paridhi unconscious. She dresses like Rashi and lies beside Jigar, to record those moments to make him guilt striken and blackmail him. She adds some pills in Jigar’s milk glass to make his senses numb. The new twist in the show is Paridhi longing to get married to Jigar, but suddenly everyone come to know that he married Radha, not Paridhi. Radha shows her face and the entire family is shocked. Jigar is in a state of shock seeing the bitchy Radha back. Paridhi holds Jigar’s hand and Radha pushes her away, to get hold of Jigar. She says she will ruin everyone and start with Jigar. Jigar did not wish to marry Paridhi and has fallen in more trouble now. Is this Gopi’s plan to kick out Paridhi from her home? How will Gopi manage two evils now?

KumKum Bhagya:

Pragya has got all the proofs against the corporator Neil. The clever Tanu steals all the evidence from her phone and goes to the police station. She gets Abhi out of the jail making him thankful to her. Abhi is angry on Pragya as she did not help him, and instead gave wrong statement to make his stay in jail longer. He comes home and taunts Pragya. He thinks its only Tanu who deserves his love. Dadi tells Abhi about the Karwachauth fast tomorrow. Pragya keeps the fast for Abhi, and Tanu too acts along lying that she kept the fast. Pragya catches her lie, but Abhi does not believe her. Abhi then sees Tanu and Aaliya having pizzas and is shocked catching Tanu’s life. He feels hurt seeing Tanu not keep the fast. Pragya faints during her fast and Abhi holds her, seeing how Pragya kept fast for his long life and did not keep good health. He realizes her importance in his life and worries for her. Will Abhi realize his love for Pragya?


Veera and Baldev head to the temple with garlands. Ranvi reaches there and is stunned seeing them go against him yet another time. He gets angry on them. Veera tells him that she did not come here to marry Baldev, but they came here for a good cause, to get Ratan and Nihaal married. Ranvi is shocked. Chai ji blesses Veera and hugs her for understanding that Ratan needs a life partner. Ranvi scolds Veera for thinking this as he is against Ratan’s marriage. He gets angry on Nihaal and does not understand Ratan needs someone, as she will be alone after her children go away. There is a big argument in the temple. Will Ranvi understand and make Ratan and Nihaal get married?

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Soumya comes to know that Suhani has caught her lie about Krishna’s financial problems. She realizes that Suhani has sent her the AC and TV and made the manager give him advance money. She gets angry knowing Suhani is using her rich powers and showing pity on her. She misunderstands Suhani and thinks she is showing her down hurting her feelings and self respect. She confronts Suhani for doing this and fumes on her. Suhani explains that she was just helping her, but Soumya says she has hurt her feelings and can’t forgive her for this. Will this rift start breaking their friendship?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

The show’s storyline now brings the jealousy factor high. Mani and Ishita are just friends and its friendship’s love, which Raman is misunderstanding between them. Mani is helping Ishita in Romi and Sarika’s matter, and does not want Raman to know what Ashok planned against him. Raman is mistaken and gets drunk wandering in the roads in heavy rain. Ishita and Mani come to him and Raman bursts out his anger on him, asking Ishita to back off and not hold him. Raman is totally drunk and can’t see the true side of Ishita and Mani’s relation. Raman hits Mani and asks him to get lost and leave him alone. Ishita cries seeing Raman’s anger on her and Mani. Mani asks Ishita to come, as Raman is not in a position to understand anything. They take Raman home in their car. Will Mani clear Raman’s misunderstanding?



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