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top 12 spoilers for friday

Jodha Akbar:

Jalal has repented enough and Allah has heard his prayers and blessed him with a son yet again. He names the son Salim, after Salim Chisti who guides him the way towards goodness and repentance. Chisti asks Jalal to be careful with Salim, as he will be always following his heart, as he is a symbol of the love and repentance, he will be taking all decisions by his heart and this may sometimes go against them. He says Salim’s future will be very bright, but his heart can make him strong as well as weak. Jalal gets tensed, but owes to protect and guide his son. Jalal and Jodha come back to the palace with Salim and Ruks is jealous seeing Jodha and her son. She asks Jalal to give away Salim to her, but he asks her to control herself and just be his friend, as Jodha will be his Marium uz Zamani forever. He asks Ruks to stay away from these thoughts as he has already lost his sons because of her. Ruks is undeterred and goes to take Salim, thinking she will do his upbringing and when he becomes the king, she will get the place of Marium uz Zamani. The show is taking a leap of 5 years, when Salim will be grown up. The little Salim in his tender age becomes rebellious as Jalal supports him to make him a strong King, but seeing, this, Jodha aims to make him understand the real power and values of a great King, and how to be kind hearted and suppressive for the betterment of the people. The show will be focusing on Salim’s track now, with Ruks being the mastermind to spoil him. Whose upbringing will win, Jodha or Ruks?

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:

RV has been always been the pillar of support for Ishani. Chirag is adamant that he will marry Ishani, just for the sake of her property, as she is fighting the legal case to get her property back. RV knows Chirag’s intentions and wants to protect Ishani from the loveless marriage. Both the leads RV and Ishani are busy in their marriage functions, and RV will try to expose Chirag infront of Ishani once again by showing his Casanova image to her. Chirag does not value Ishani, and Falguni knows this. Ishani believes him a lot and Falguni asks RV not to waste time, as Ishani won’t understand his concern and love. RV leaves the decision on Lord and gives away Ishani to Chirag, as she never understood his love. But as fate has it always, Ishani and Chirag’s marriage day comes and she sits in the mandap. Chirag comes to know Ishani lost the property case and now he won’t get any penny marrying her, and calls off the marriage. Chirag denies to marry her and leaves from the mandap. Ishani is shocked. Ishani is left alone in the mandap with tears, without the groom. Chirag shows his true side and RV comes to Ishani’s rescue once again. Will RV marry Ishani this time? Will Ishani understand his love finally?

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Zain and Aaliya visit the Dargah, where a holy man asks them to keep distance for one week, else a evil spirit will haunt them. Aaliya does not believe him and asks Zain not to believe these things. Zain is tensed as he does not want to take any chance. Aaliya and Zain get romantically intimate and Zain realizes he did a mistake and Aaliya should have not let this happen. He worries for their relation. Aaliya asks Rehman to take Zarina and Bilal with him, and Zarina hears this. She plans to ruin Aaliya’s happiness, as she has become her enemy now. Zarina eyes the Barkat Royal and Usman’s property and wants to take away from Zain and Fahad. Surayya goes for Umrah and in her absence, Zarina meets Zain’s look alike and decides to plant him in Zain’s place at home. She makes Zain undergo an accident to kill him, but he gets saved by some people. Zarina brings his lookalike at home and asks him to get all the property, which they can divide. Zain’s lookalike Rocket Khan (RK), a con artist with a differential behavior makes Aaliya doubt on him. Zarina covers up for him and Aaliya starts staying with him. Rocket tries to make everyone believe he is Zain with his well polished art to betray. Will Zain die or be back and throw out his lookalike? Will RK turn out to be Surayya’s other son?

Ek Hasina Thi:

Sakshi has attacked on the weakest point of Rajnath’s heart this time, by shooting Raima. Raima slips into coma and Rajnath is angered on Dev for being responsible for all this. Dev tells him he did not shoot Raima, but as Sakshi planned, Dev has been trapped cleverly, and Rajnath does not believe him, post his involvement in Payal’s rape case and getting Shaurya punished by taking evidence from Agnihotri. Rajnath comes to know that the cancer project has been cancelled by Dayal Thakur and Durga Thakur, as a response to put Dev in jail, and now the project will restarted by Dev Goenka. He meets Karan’s dad, Vasu, who is a politician and asks him to put Dev’s case to fast track as he wants him to be punished for Raima’s state. Durga challenges Sakshi that she will bring out Dev from jail in one week. Rajnath meets Dev in the lockup and admits to him about Agnihotri and how he dealt with him, knowing Dev was fooling him to get evidence. Dev is shaken up knowing everything. Rajnath shows his real face to Dev and admits everything they did and he can’t do anything about it. Dev is shocked, and more restless to seek justice now. Rajnath threatens to Dev that he will never be able to get free now and he will see to it that he gets punished for Raima’s murder attempt. Will Rajnath find out that Sakshi is behind Raima’s state? Will Durga be able to free Dev in one week?

Qubool Hai:

Seher is keeping on doing mistakes and making Rehaan far from her. Rehaan does not know its Sunehri even after knowing her for long, and believes she is Sanam, as she is at Aahil’s house. When he comes to know, that she did this for her money benefit and agreed to Razia for property, he will be dazed. Seher is unable to come out of her sweet memories of Rehaan and does not know why is Rehaan here at Aahil’s house. Seher loves Rehaan and hides her feelings, as Aahil is always around her and feels uncomfortable in Sanam’s place. She thinks to finish her work soon and get off this house. She wonders will Rehaan be able to forgive her, once he knows she is Seher, not Sanam. Aahil spends time with Seher, thinking she is Sanam, and figures some change in behavior. Her outright statements make him wonder about her, and he jokingly says she can’t be Sanam. Seher gets tensed and she manages the situation. Tanveer is angered seeing Sanam’s new bold avatar and wants to take her in her control once again. She is worried as Sanam/Seher has tried to harm her. She thinks to break off Aahil from Sanam, to get his property. Dilshad meets Seher and tries to tell her about their relation. Though she is not able to talk, but she signs Seher telling her that she is her daughter/grand daughter. She makes efforts to explain Seher. Will Seher understand her relation with Dilshad and find out Tanveer’s truth?

Tumhari Pakhi:

Pakhi comes to know that Veer loves her and gets angry on him. She tells him that she loves Anshuman unconditionally and can never forget him. She can’t love Veer and asks him to understand the true meaning of love, its not like moving on and he did not love Kirti if he is able to forget her now. Veer gets sad and tells his Jiji that there is no husband and wife relation between him and Pakhi. Jiji gets worried and asks Pakhi to free Veer from the false marriage, is she can’t give him happiness. She asks Pakhi to decide whether she wants to accept Veer as her husband, or get away from him. Pakhi is tensed. Jiji gives her time to think, and asks her to keep the Karwachauth fast for Veer. Pakhi keeps the fast as Ayaan and Riya insist her. Veer breaks her fast as per the rituals and Pakhi gets laid back by her sudden fears of accepting him. Will Pakhi accept Veer or release him from burdened marriage?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman wins the Asia’s business head title and attends its party along with Ishita. Mani too comes there being involved in the same business. Ishita hangs out with Mani thanking him for suggesting Raman’s name, as this post has given much happiness to Raman. Raman is called on the stage to give a short speech post his winning the post, and Raman gets angry seeing Ishita and Mani together smiling. An angry Raman says about the woman behind his success is his wife. Ishita is glad that Raman is giving the credit to her, but she gets upset when Raman states Shagun’s name, the one who taught him the core reality of the world and prepared him mentally to face all odds and be strong in life. Raman thanks Shagun for making him strong to face all deceives and is heart broken thinking Ishita and Mani are having an affair. Ishita gets tears in her eyes, hearing Raman’s words. She confronts him about what he said. Raman angrily tells her what he has seen and what will he believe then. Raman angrily tells Ishita that he loves her a lot and it hurts him if he sees her if anyone else. Raman finally confesses his feelings to her. Ishita is much glad knowing Raman loves her, as she has sensed it before. Mani clears to Raman that Ishita was helping him in winning the Asia’s business head title and stopping Ashok from his evil plan to destroy his image publicly because of Romi and Sarika’s matter. Will Raman and Ishita get along as before?

Shastri Sisters:

Devyaani has been misunderstanding Rajat, thinking he loves her, but the fact is he loves Anushka. Minty sees Rajat admitting his feelings for Anushka, and he manages the situation. Anushka comes to know about Devyaani’s love for Rajat and back offs from Rajat’s life. Neil is shattered knowing the same and goes ahead to end his life. Rajat unwillingly agrees to get engaged to Devyaani, on Anushka’s insistence, as the sisters have a rift because of Rajat. Anushka sacrifices her love for Devyaani’s sake. Alka knows about Devyaani’s love and she supports her, as they all did not know Anushka and Rajat’s secret love initiating. Alka tries patching up with Rohan and decides to shake Astha’s evil by her goodness. Bua ji is impressed by Alka and asks Astha to learn from Alka. Astha is angered and decides to create more hurdles in Alka’s life. Rohan asks Alka not to be attached with him, as she has to leave once Bua ji goes back. Alka aims to prove herself right and win Rohan’s love. How will love define the sister’s lives?

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Prabhakar and Ishwar have different opinions and Tejaswini tells Bhaiya ji that she has only one weapon against Ishwar, that’s his father Prabhakar Rawat. Aditya explains Vivaan that Chakor did not cheat him, but she was helpless to meet her mum, so ran away from the stable. Vivaan understands, but Ranjana asks him to be away from Chakor, and his father Manohar too. Vivaan misses Manohar a lot and can’t hurt Ranjana by meeting him. Manohar decides to take back Vivaan with him, but Ranjana does not allow him. Manohar is angry as this happened because of Chakor. Later on, the Diwali track is coming ahead, where Kasturi is missing Chakor at home and Chakor is happily celebrating Diwali at Ishwar’s home. Kasturi informs Ishwar that they are ready to come to Lucknow. Bhuvan gets angry on her and tells her that he does not have courage to go against Bhaiya ji. Will Ishwar make him strong enough to fight for their lives? Will the Haveli people succeed in dragging back Chakor?

Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh:

Shobha’s life is still not easy, after what all she is trying to balance her life. Sandeep acts sweet to her and helps her in her ad presentation, winning her trust. He asks her to come for coffee, and she refuses. He insists asking her to give a treat for the victory. Shobha and Sandeep spend some time. She gets hurt and he rushes to hold her. She gets uncomfortable by his touch as he tries to misbehave with her. Shobha thought he is different from Vikram and respects women, but her thinking goes wrong, seeing his real face. Sandeep complains to Vikram about Shobha who was trying to get closer to him, as her husband is away in jail. He points on Shobha’s character and says he can prove it that she is of bad character. Shobha hears this and breaks down. Vikram looks at Shobha being unsure of Sandeep’s words. Shobha has another challenge now to prove herself right in the men’ world and balance her home and job. Will Vikram believe recently met Shobha or his old friend Sandeep?

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hai:

Arjun is let down by Poorvi, as she tries breaking him with Gauri. Arjun gets angry and goes to Poorvi, scaring her of molestation and his capabilities. He gets closer to her and says some harsh words to shake her confidence. He says she has raised his anger and man gets blind and can do anything. He shuts her mouth and gets closer. Poorvi gets tensed. He then leaves her and tells her what he could have done, but did not do. Poorvi realizes he is not that bad and should be given a chance. On the other side, Watan is obsesses by Lakshya’s to be wife Nisha, and hugs her clothes like a psycho. Watan wants her at any cost and makes Lakshya agree to keep his engagement at his home. Lakshya and Nisha love each other, and Watan tries to make Nisha blind by his richness. Will Nisha fall in Watan’s trap?

Gustakh Dil:

Lajjo has seen Jasmine trying to get closer to Nikhil and hugging him saying its her friendly side. She recalls Rancho’s words that Jasmine might be the reason for her fight with Nikhil. She asks Nikhil how did he come suddenly to Agra without informing her that day, was it his plan or someone else instigates him. Nikhil gets angry and asks what does it matter who told him to go there. She asks him again and he says it was Jasmine’s plan, as she had some research work on celebrities and wanted an interview from her. Lajjo is shocked and understands Jasmine to be the reason behind their fight. She goes to meet Jasmine and confronts her about her obsession for Nikhil. Jasmine accepts what all she did and how she has framed Sagar in molestation blame to make him fall in Nikhil’s eyes and how she has manipulated the hotel staff to spike her drink and create that situation. Lajjo is shocked and glad to know that Nikhil’s love did not deter by all this, as he has been with her on tough time when her dad died and got her family to city to support them. Lajjo challenges Jasmine to take away Nikhil if she can, and she will show her the true power of her and Nikhil’s love. Jasmine says she will separate them easily and accepts the challenge. Will Lajjo be able to expose Jasmine to Nikhil?


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