Zain to meet with accident; his lookalike to step in Aaliya’s life in Beintehaa

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zain and aaliya in beintehaa

Zain and Aaliya visit the Dargah, where a holy man asks them to keep distance for one week, else a evil spirit will haunt them. Aaliya does not believe him and asks Zain not to believe these things. Zain is tensed as he does not want to take any chance. Aaliya and Zain get romantically intimate and Zain realizes he did a mistake and Aaliya should have not let this happen. He worries for their relation. Aaliya asks Rehman to take Zarina and Bilal with him, and Zarina hears this. She plans to ruin Aaliya’s happiness, as she has become her enemy now. Zarina eyes the Barkat Royal and Usman’s property and wants to take away from Zain and Fahad.

Surayya goes for Umrah and in her absence, Zarina meets Zain’s look alike and decides to plant him in Zain’s place at home. She makes Zain undergo an accident to kill him, but he gets saved by some people. Zarina brings his lookalike at home and asks him to get all the property, which they can divide. Zain’s lookalike Rocket Khan (RK), a con artist with a differential behavior makes Aaliya doubt on him. Zarina covers up for him and Aaliya starts staying with him. Rocket tries to make everyone believe he is Zain with his well polished art to betray. Will Zain die or be back and throw out his lookalike? Will RK turn out to be Surayya’s other son? Keep reading.






3 responses to “Zain to meet with accident; his lookalike to step in Aaliya’s life in Beintehaa”

  1. marina Avatar

    this is disgusting

  2. tanishq Avatar

    hell with everyone in beintehaa !

  3. Celle Avatar

    Same as madhubala … Over there raj kumar aka rk
    Over here rocket khan aka rk … What is this same thing everytym …

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