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This post is made to highlight the trending trails in your favorite shows. Many shows have been powering hot with the sudden twists, such as the Nitro gas filters used for emergency high speed, leaving behind some blooper down the creative line.

Let’s take Diya Aur Baati Hum…. The show has been always steady on Star Plus gaining the number 1 TRP gainer place and still trying to make its place more firm, by the increasing competition. It was been elongating with the criminal RajKumar (RK) track and ASP Sandhya trying to get him securely hanged. She is seen as a very smart police officer, but can’t trace RK’s network under her nose. This makes us think how the makers use gimmicks to keep the show running. The Operation Grahan has been still running in just the promos. We just wish to see Sandhya act clever. Even the supercop Zakir got into paralytic state by RK’s network, and unable to pass the info to Sandhya.

Jodha Akbar… We pity the king Jalal for losing his two sons by the stupidity of his wives, whose fight has led to this hard time. The good news is about Salim’s birth and the leap coming in the show. Atleast, the little boy can get some fresh air in the show. There is not much interesting things to watch in the show, and it just has Ruks playing her selfish games all the time. Birbal’s track was understated by Jalal’s strong screen presence.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya…. is the most ‘going over the head’ show currently. Poor Jigar has become a football for the ladies of Modi house. Its Radha now, who claims to be his wife and has made him guilt stricken. Gopi and Kokila are always busy saying their pure hindi lines. Radha and Paridhi’s cunning characters are not likely to be loved, after Rashi’s great impact in the show. The show really needs good writing, than this simple Tom and Jerry games.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein… has Raman’s pain and tears all over the episode. Ishita has been acting really dumb to not be able to see her husband’s pain in his eyes. Her over friendliness with Mani is hurting Raman and she is just happy with ‘I want to see Raman happy’ statement, rather than clearing things with him. Her surprising habit and overconfidence is sinking her now. Raman is the one who should be sympathized. Its natural for a man to doubt his wife, after facing the same thing before in his first marriage. Ishita should have been careful to handle Raman’s heart. Karan Patel has got the tears flood in the show, all his female fans are heart sobbing like ‘this is the guy who makes me cry’.

KumKum Bhagya…. has the dim-witted hero even seen. Abhi has no sense of his own and does not even relate things in correct way. His blind belief in Tanu and over the limit comparisons with Pragya is simple dragging the show’s screen time every day. Some romance fill up and eye locks to please the viewers, and then Abhi is back to the pavilion, where Tanu stands. The show really needs to move on the track and give the hero a mind to value the true love.

Veera…. is showing Ratan-Nihaal track these days. The over-mature Ranvi thinks none can take care of his Biji and he will always be with her like a shadow. While Veera is trying to explain Ratan’s loneliness, Ranvi is unsure about Nihaal Singh. Nihaal has made its words clear to Ranvi and also proposed to Ratan. We have to see how Ranvi agrees for their marriage. Baldev’s friends are soon going to trouble Ranvi, making him land in jail, and all the blame will be on Baldev again, leading to Veera’s anger shower on her lover. Ranvi over controlling on his sister and mum, has led his wife really out of his hands. Gunjan needs a lesson of life, and should get back to her sweet and true character as before.

Ek Hasina Thi… which started as the justice seek story, has been turning into a mixed plots fair. It has shifted focus to Dev, caught in Raima’s murder attempt case. The viewers feel like ‘given anything to watch’ as the police is being used by the Goenkas as home servants. Where is the law? Its just ladies’ tears and dialogues to keep the show’s spice factor on. Dev’s over the edge promises have gone in vain. Durga is forgetting her aim and getting tangled in Sakshi’s plans.

Qubool Hai…. used same strong female lead in the show after the leap. Surbhi looked best as Zoya and well adjusting in Sanam and Seher’s roles now. Tanveer has hidden all her crimes and fooling around Aahil, while Razia is still thinking of her benefit. Poor Dilshad is just left to keep signing and playing dumb charades with Seher.

Jamai Raja…. has its full storyline on a single lie Sid said about his rich status. He loves Roshni and does not trust his love strength so much, that he is still hiding his true identity from her and making his parents suffer in chawl houses whenever Roshni wants to visit them. Pratima and DD together will cause more problems between Sid and Roshni.

Beintehaa…. is a overcooked Khichdi, which got softened by the extra pulses added. The story just took a plane front where Zain and Aaliya were having few moments of togetherness, and the makers bid bye to Zain and got Harshad in Rocket’s shoes. Rehaan’s character was made grey and Surayya suddenly changed to a very sweet mum in law for Aaliya. So many twists, as if the creative table is changing 360 degrees everyday. Halala Nikaah track was shown like Zain and Aaliya would never unite, and Rehaan gave the clean chit to them in just few days. Thankfully, the viewers would have not like to bear more torture of Rida’s murderer search episodes. The court case where Surayya was declared innocent was just running so fast, that made us wonder, is the show ending? Nevertheless, there is much more to be offered.


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