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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya:
Pooja tells avni and her family that its her birthday and wont anyone wish her, and why arent they enjoying with her on her special day. All are tensed, while avni is overwhelmed with tears. Pooja turns away when they dont respond. Just then, avni comes from behind and happily wishes her a Happy birthday. she raies her hand to feed her cake. Avni is conscious that her bangles might be visible from the side of the Kurti arms. Anjali watcehs her and is tensed. raj too is scared that the bangles might be visible.

Mahesh says what are you doing here? Prabha says he brought these gifts for him. Prabha says he got ill so I asked him to come in. Mahesh says I asked you to stay away from my family. Bhao says Bhabhi ji called me in. Prabha says he had an asthma attack. Mahesh says Basant throws all the gifts out. Mahesh throws the teddy out as well. Ganesh and Sanju both are near the finishing line. Darpan says run Golu you can win.

Doli Armaanon Ki:
Samrat tells Urmi that the doors to this house would open only when she agrees to be captive here, or else the doors would always be closed for her. She is stunned. Rudra, Kanchan and Aditi are appalled. Samrat shuts the door on her face. Urmi continues beating the doors, asking to be let in and see Shaurya just once, as he needs her right now. Inside, Rudra and Kanchan ask Samrat to open the door, but he doesn’t relent, saying that he won’t resent. Urmi collapses on the floor, crying.

Jamai Raja:
DD sees Sid leaving office and says she has changed fast break up venue and asks him to accompany her. He remembers his plan of meeting Pritima at temple and realizes that DD must have heard it and changed her plan. He leaves with her. Roshni is shocked to see Pratima looking at Sid’s face via mesh before breaking fast and asks who is she. DD says she is the one your husband is having an affair with. Roshni slaps Pratima.

Jodha Akbar:
Jalal says let me spend time with him too. Jalal says something in Salim’s ear. Jodha ask what did you say? Jalal says I said some mantras, Jodha smiles and says I said some Quraan line before sometime in his ears, Jalal says our child will be greatest king. Bakshi ask Sharif to not kill their daughter, Sharif says I didn’t want her to be alive from her birth. Later Jalal goes to find someone in town.

Kumkum Bhagya:
All ladies wait for moon sighting. Tauji scolds Taiji for not fasting for him and eating all the time. Dasi says though moon is playing hide and seek, they can dance and enjoy till it comes out. She drags Abhi and Pragya and starts dancing around them. Daadi asks Abhi to break Pragya’s fast and stop joking. Pragya stumbles and falls on ground.

Qubool Hai:
Seher notices Dilshad and she immediately recognises her, and asks how come she too stays here, and if she lives here or came to meet anyone. Dilshad tries to convey to seher, through signals that she is her child, and that sanam is her sister. she tells seher that there’s danger here and that she should leave immediately. seher is puzzled and surprised. Rehaan wishes Tanveer on diwali that he hoeps all of her ardent wishes come true today. He leaves. Tanveer says that when rehaan gets extravagant and lives a luxurious life, he would forget everything, and thats a promise of a mother to her child. Meanwhile, an agitated razia wheels Dilshad away, while she continues to look back at seher, and reaches out to her with her hand. Seher wonders why does she feel that she knows this woman. She is tensed.

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke:
Gunjan and Mayank discussed in the corridor about rehearsal. The crowd cheered Adi, for breaking college’s record of push-ups. Gunjan boasts her Adi is so popular. Gunjan congratulates him, he says records are made to be broken and asks Mayank if he will break it. Gunjan says he won’t. Adi says in his age, one can’t this all. Mayank says he is ready to take the challenge. Mayank does the pushups, with much pain and difficulty. Gunjan is worried about her.


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