Raman’s reaction goes aggressive; He hurts Ishita thinking of her deceive in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


yeh hai mohabbatein

Raman is doubting Ishita and Mani even more, after they have shifted to the new service apartment for temporary time. He checks her bag to see whether she has any memories of Mani. He gets angered seeing a saree and thinks its given by Mani. Ishita comes in the room and Raman starts his taunts on her, being drunk again. She asks him not to drink wine, as it is not the way to solve things. Raman starts hurting her by forcefully holding her and passes some curses to her and himself for the marriage happened between them. He was initially thinking that Ishita has a life too and she can go to Mani if she wills, but his heart which beats for her, can’t see her moving on to someone else. He does not question her about Mani and does not tell her the real problem that is hurting him. She is clueless and does not know why is he doing this, as men can’t even fully cry. Even then Raman sheds lots of tears being hurt by his wife’s actions and words.

The bracelet he searched for in the party hall, and valued so much, Raman throws it infront of her, saying he does not need any fake concern from her. She gets angry and does not want to talk to him. She cries and starts leaving the room. He stops her and shuts the door, asking her to be as he keeps her and he will see to it what she does and where she goes. He says he will manage everything now. He says she was not at all present in the party for his sake. She argues and says she was there just for him. He asks her whether she liked his speech and goes on taunting. He then misbehaves with her, and verbally hurts her even more. She asks him not to speak, till he gets some sense of what he is saying and to whom. Raman fears Ishita will leave him, as Shagun left him. Raman is bearing the pain of the deceive, which he is mistaken of. Ishita is bearing the pain of his anger and rudeness for the misunderstanding she herself created in Raman’s mind by stupidly singing songs and playing Radio Mani all the time. Whatever Raman does, it has attitude, which viewers love the most. Is Raman being rude to Ishita to ease her decision to go to Mani? Is he anger fake for Ishita’s happiness? The next twist can be anything, so keep watching the show. Mani is trying to help out Ishita and Shagun too. Will Raman get to see Mani’s good side? Keep reading.


  1. Very disappointing to see recent episodes. It becomes very sad to watch this serial. When the things start becoming fine between Ishita and Raman, there is always curiosity to watch next episode. But if this kind of misunderstanding continues then definitely TRP rating will decline and we will also loose interest in the serial.

    Improve the story line asap.

  2. I agree with Sarika…they have prolonged the misunderstanding between Raman and ishita…….this is the only serial I watch on tv just because the whole setup is not jazzy and I am fond of dialogues spoken in this serial and of course the understanding they show between characters but now everyone in my family is loosing interest in this serial …….I think they should make the character of Ishita more sensible and should not stretch any topic for so long if they want to get their audience back.

    • Even i am feeling very bad while watching the serial these days, but have to admit one thing i am even more curious to watch the serial now because i need to know that everything sorted out between Raman & Ishita.

    • interest is already lost! i cant believe this, why on earth ppl cant talk and sort out a matter? huh? so now only only a drama with nothing but a lie.

  3. when will everything b fine between Raman and ishita…. Now this serial is getting bore.. we also loose intrest in the serial… we want love life of ishita and Raman.

  4. This is the only serial that I watch. What started as a classy entertaining drama with great punch lines is now making way to dreaded Indian soap themes known for melodrama and annoying content. It is no fun to watch a show that leaves a bitter after taste , what is worse is this show could have been or can be really wonderful given the brilliant original storyline

  5. I am also agree with Ritual and sarika.even I don’t know hindhi that much. I like the story please solve the misunderstanding between Raman and ishita.

  6. so many comments hating the current track of ridiculous misunderstandings…why are the producers still dragging this track? do they want to lose all the viewers??? in real life people communicate! this track is all about miscommunications, misunderstandings and hatred! change the track asap or we change channels!

  7. If Ishita keep on having affair with Mani,then Raman will keep on drinking,like he did since Shagun left him and went to Ashok. When Raman will have sudden liver problem,due to drinking,hope that makes Ishita guess that he is doing that because of her affair with Mani. She will also apologise and realise her mistake of not taking care as well as not thinking about Ruhi(Raman’s daughter). During the business deal,hours/minutes b4 the program was to began,I think Ashok bribed Mani to make Raman hurt by having an affair with Ishita,on learning about Ishita-Mani friendship,so that Raman’s reaction and condition,which he felt since the days of divorce.

  8. So, Ashok must have bribed Mani to taint Raman’s personal life, just like Ashok’s affair with Shagun,when he did that during Raman-Shagun married life and after their divorce.


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