Durga kicks out Sakshi from Cancer Research project making her vulnerable in Ek Hasina Thi

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durga and sakshi in ek hasina thi

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Durga has placed the hidden camera in Raima’s medical ward to get the proof against Sakshi, when she goes to harm Raima again. She wants to use the footage and prove Dev innocent. Durga is hurrying as she has just 5 days left now. Sakshi suggests Rajnath to use Mathur in jail and make him kill Dev in the lockup, as even Rajnath wants to take revenge on Dev for Raima’s state. Rajnath agrees to use Mathur. On the other hand, Mathur and Dev have a fight in the jail and Dev gets wounded. Mathur hates Goenkas and wants to ruin all of them. Dev wants to show his hatred against his family and get Mathur on his side, so that he can know Payal’s rape case truth and how the evidences and witnesses were manipulated.

Durga gives a shock to Sakshi, which has weakened her now. Durga brings the documents to Sakshi and says she has taken away her post of the project head for the cancer research project. Sakshi is stunned and feels angry as Durga has taken away her half strength by making his pack her cards. Durga wants Sakshi to make any mistake in her anger, so that she can use it to save Dev. Shaurya got a female physiotherapist, and enjoys his treatment. He wills to get well soon, before Dev comes out of jail. He plans to bed Durga in Dev’s absence. Will Durga prove Dev innocent? Keep reading.



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