Proposal time for Sanyukta and Randhir in Sadda Haq

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sanyukta and randhir in sadda haq

It is proposal time in Sadda Haq. Randhir has not yet proposed Sanyukta and taunts her asking her to propose him, as she always does things which men do and she boasts of being a go getter. Sanyukta wants Randhir to propose to her. Both of them do not take any step and wait for each other’s move. Vidushi is rude to Sanyukta, but luckily gives an idea to Sanyukta to make Randhir know her value, and to make him realize the fear of losing her when he sees her with someone else. She asks Sanyukta to make Randhir jealous.

Sanyukta likes the idea and takes Parth’s help. She tries to show off to Randhir that she likes Parth. She goes to Parth and asks him to teach basketball. She holds his hand and hugs him while he is shirtless, seeing Randhir watch him from far. Randhir is shocked with burning heart and jealous. He reacts on this and meets Parth, asking him to back off from Sanyukta. Parth questions on his relationship with Sanyukta, and says you should not have any problem as you are not into a relationship with her. Sanyukta plans to make Randhir propose her. Randhir wants her to propose him as she wants to be equal to boys in every aspect. Will Sanyukta be successful in making Randhir jealous and cooked up to propose her? Keep reading.



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