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Saath Nibhana Saathiya:
Radha blackmails Jigar and Modi Family about the shocking intimacy video. She tells everyone that Paridhi lied to them that she has spent the night with Jigar. She shocks them saying she was the one who was with Jigar that night. Paridhi and Jigar are shocked. Jigar slaps Radha and Paridhi starts beating her going mad in anger. Jigar can’t believe his ears hearing such a cheap thing. Jigar says he will not accept Radha as his wife. Kokila too supports Paridhi. Radha threatens them that she will show the video to the entire world and then bring shame to their family. She asks them to think about their respect in the society and blackmails them asking them to accept her. Everyone is super shocked. Even Gopi bahu does not have any remedy as of now. Radha asks Paridhi to leave from this matter, as she is not her enemy, else she will not leave even her. Paridhi cries after losing everything she planned and trusting Roopmati/Radha. Will Gopi be able to stop Radha from ruining Modi family?

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:
Its Diwali night, everyone is happy celebrating Diwali at the Birla House. Soumya comes for the Diwali laxmi puja, which Suhani was supposed to go. Suhani heads to the old age home to give Yuvraaj’s donation cheque. She gets late for the puja and sees Soumya doing it instead of her. Suhani comes and takes aarti plate to do the aarti. Suhani’s parents join them for the aarti. Dadi smiles being happy that Soumya looks better as Yuvraaj’s wife. Suhani does not know anything about Dadi’s planning. Menka tells the truth to Suhani, that Yuvraaj does not love her, as he has always loved Soumya and wanted to marry her. She says Yuvraaj never liked her and married her for some reason. Suhani does not hear anything, as the fire crackers sound disable her from hearing Menka. Menka’s efforts fail. Rags sees this and scolds Menka for telling truth to Suhani. Rags plans to expose Suhani and Yuvraaj’s relation and fixes a camera in their room. Dadi comes to know about this, and stops Rags form doing this. She asks Rags to not harm anyone’s sentiments and remove the cameras, as its very cheap plan. Will Suhani come to know that Yuvraaj loves Soumya?

The psycho inspector who is hiding his bad past from Veera and Ranvi, is madly obsessed with Veera. He takes advantage of the illegal wine keeping idea, and frees Ranvi, charging Baldev for the same. He plans everything to make Baldev away from Veera. Baldev is arrested and Veera is shocked knowing Baldev is behind Ranvi’s framing. She gets angry and slaps him hard, saying she won’t keep relation with such man who is against her brother. Baldev also breaks the relation saying he won’t need such love if she can’t trust him. Veera and Baldev have a temporary break up phase, where they come at loggerheads. Veera comes home and breaks down. Ranvi hugs her and asks her to think of her life, which has much more aspects than just Baldev. He pacifies her and strengthens her to accept the reality. Baldev gets bailed out by Balwant, who scolds him as he does not believe his son. Its just Bansuri who defends her son. Veera hurts Baldev calling him a goon, and Ranvi is right that he is not suitable for her. Baldev is stunned. Veera then finds out from Jaggi about their plan, and Baldev was not informed about it. She then tracks the goons who did this against Baldev and frees him off the case. The couple then patch up I their unique style. Rajveer gets angry and his engagement plans flops. What will Rajveer do next? Will Ranvi be able to know about Rajveer’s past? The track is going good, as till there is no villain, the hero’s worth can’t be understood.

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Sadda Haq:
It is proposal time in Sadda Haq. Randhir has not yet proposed Sanyukta and taunts her asking her to propose him, as she always does things which men do and she boasts of being a go getter. Sanyukta wants Randhir to propose to her. Both of them do not take any step and wait for each other’s move. Vidushi is rude to Sanyukta, but luckily gives an idea to Sanyukta to make Randhir know her value, and to make him realize the fear of losing her when he sees her with someone else. She asks Sanyukta to make Randhir jealous. Sanyukta likes the idea and takes Parth’s help. She tries to show off to Randhir that she likes Parth. She goes to Parth and asks him to teach basketball. She holds his hand and hugs him while he is shirtless, seeing Randhir watch him from far. Randhir is shocked with burning heart and jealous. He reacts on this and meets Parth, asking him to back off from Sanyukta. Parth questions on his relationship with Sanyukta, and says you should not have any problem as you are not into a relationship with her. Sanyukta plans to make Randhir propose her. Randhir wants her to propose him as she wants to be equal to boys in every aspect. Will Sanyukta be successful in making Randhir jealous and cooked up to propose her?

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir:
Shlok and Astha have been spotted by Astha’s parents. Astha tells them everything about Niranjan’s evil truth. They are stunned knowing his true side and asks Astha and Shlok to stay with them. Shlok refuses as he has to make his own identity and he can’t take anyone’s help. They visit Avdhoot’s house for dinner, and have a talk. Kalindi is upset seeing Astha and Shlok face so much. She wishes to help them. Shlok left the Agnihotri house, and this news reaches the media, even when Sid tried to stop it. The reporters track Shlok and question him about his leaving home and office, and his relation with Niranjan. Shlok does not answer them and is worried of his identity with his surname, that is limiting him to do any job and earn a honest living. Shlok calls Anjali and tells her what he decided. He says he wants to move to some other place where no one knows he is Shlok Agnihotri. Anjali permits him to go. Shlok and Astha head to a new place, more far from Niranjan and towards their new life. Will Niranjan let Shlok go far from him and leave the city? Will he stop Shlok in time and get him back home?

Jodha Akbar:
The show has Salim and Anarkali’s growing tender childhood. Sharif Uddin gets exposed for planning to kill Salim, and thrown out of the palace. Jalal and Jodha are happy with Anarkali’s parents for helping them. Salim gets a friend in Anarkali. The current track is how Jodha teaches Salim to value his positipn and not be strict towards anyone. Whereas Jalal is trying to make him a great king, and he needs to sometimes take hard decisions too. Jodha wants to teach Salim the good principles, and Jalal trying to make him merciless. Jodha is worried for Salim, as she wants to be kind hearted and respectful for elders. Jalal keeps in mind what Chisti told about Salim, to be careful with his heart and wants him to just folow his mind and make him strong hearted to take any decision. Salim is shown taking ruthless decisions in the court and Jodha stops him. Jalal supports Salim and stays on his side. Will Jodha make Salim follow his heart?

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Ek Hasina Thi:
Durga has placed the hidden camera in Raima’s medical ward to get the proof against Sakshi, when she goes to harm Raima again. She wants to use the footage and prove Dev innocent. Durga is hurrying as she has just 5 days left now. Sakshi suggests Rajnath to use Mathur in jail and make him kill Dev in the lockup, as even Rajnath wants to take revenge on Dev for Raima’s state. Rajnath agrees to use Mathur. On the other hand, Mathur and Dev have a fight in the jail and Dev gets wounded. Mathur hates Goenkas and wants to ruin all of them. Dev wants to show his hatred against his family and get Mathur on his side, so that he can know Payal’s rape case truth and how the evidences and witnesses were manipulated. Durga gives a shock to Sakshi, which has weakened her now. Durga brings the documents to Sakshi and says she has taken away her post of the project head for the cancer research project. Sakshi is stunned and feels angry as Durga has taken away her half strength by making his pack her cards. Durga wants Sakshi to make any mistake in her anger, so that she can use it to save Dev. Shaurya got a female physiotherapist, and enjoys his treatment. He wills to get well soon, before Dev comes out of jail. He plans to bed Durga in Dev’s absence. Will Durga prove Dev innocent?

Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh:
Shobha’s efforts to bring down Sandeep’s truth out failed and she gave her resignation letter to Vikram. But the twist in the tale happened, when Vikram suspended Sandeep, instead of Shobha. He shows the office staff the CCTV footage of the office, when Sandeep is seen romancing Neetu and how they have planned to knock out Shobha from the office. Vikram calls Sandeep’s wife Shikha and exposes Sandeep’s dirty character. Shikha dumps Sandeep and ends her marriage. Shobha tells Vikram that he did not do right by bringing this matter infront of everyone, as it will be very painful for Shikha. Vikram says he has helped her and she is still finding him wrong. Shobha pacifies Shikha, as she has already gone through this pain. She comes home and tells Mummy ji that she did not lose the job. Mummy ji gets annoyed and argues with her, asking her to take Tarun’s help and just stop going to office. Shobha tells her how she is connected to her and Garima by Samarth. She says she has kids with Samarth, and even when Samarth cheated her, she can’t take her duties off her in laws. She makes Mummy ji emotional saying she will take care of them and will work hard to give them a life of pride. Shobha and Vikram start knowing each other, and Vikram’s Nani is happy to know that Shobha is in Vikram’s life.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Raman has got his ex wife and current wife at his home. He has Shagun and Ishita together. Two birds in the bushes and none in hand. He is very much heart broken, seeing Ishita supporting Mani and not respecting him. He has been very upset seeing Ishita hold Mani’s hand, asking him not to leave and Raman to leave, when he counters them together, when they met for Romi’s matter. Raman has been following the Devdas steps, being heartbroken by Paro and going to Chandramukhi. Shagun has come to taunt Ishita, after being glad of Raman taking her name in his speech. Shagun tells about her marriage fixed with Ashok in one week and all functions will be kept. Ishita has come to know about Mani being the reason of Raman’s doubt and insecurity. She knows his doubt will eventually go, as she will stand for her right and will not give any explanations to Raman. She asks Raman to let himself know that he was wrong. Ishita is hurt by Raman’s misbehaving last night and does not want to talk to him. Raman is leading his mind in the web of doubts and waiting for Ishita to speak up. Will they confess their feelings and end their differences? The show is dragging the love confession track a lot, and just wish to see Mani clearing the matter soon and opening Raman’s eyes.

Aaliya has been warned by the Dargah Baba that he has seen the evil spirit in the form of her husband. Aaliya does not believe him, and says she will not let anything come in between her and Zain now. Zain prepares to meet Aaliya and buys a bouquet for her. Bilal who is shocked seeing Rocket, who is exactly like Zain, brings Zarina to see him. Zarina is shocked seeing Zain and Rocket together, at some distance. While Rocket is busy flirting with a girl, Zain does not see him. Zarina then plans Zain’s accident and bribes the con mon Rocket to enter Aaliya’s life and Barkat Royal, so that she can get the property. Aaliya will be getting apart from Zain yet another time.


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