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Saath Nibhana Saathiya:
Radha spoils everyone’s Diwali. She dances enjoying herself celebrating Diwali. Kokila scolds her saying how dare she step in their house and raises hand to slap her. Radha stops her holding her hand, shocking everyone. Paridhi raises her hand to stop her, and Radha stops her too. Gopi asks why did she come here and asks her to leave. Radha shows Jigar and her’s bedding pic and everyone is shocked. She does Laxmi puja with Jigar moving Paridhi away. She blackmails Modis and wants to make them servants for her. Jigar is hating this as Radha holds his hand and says she is his wife. Radha’s new drama will shake Kokila and Gopi.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:
Hiten Tejwani has joined the cast of MATSH, after his role ended in Pavitra Rishta. His role is of Nitin, who was away for 18 years. He is paired with Gauri Tejwani again. Nitin reaches in Ishani’s marriage and comes face to face with Falguni Nitin is Falguni’s first husband and father of Ishani. Falguni bursts her anger on him, seeing after many years. Nitin is a positive character and will bring great twists when Ishani comes to know this shocking truth.

Rajveer is trying to take advantage of Veera being alone. Whole she is crying thinking about how Baldev has refused to marry her. Some goons of neighbor Pind tease her and Veera does not face them with her boldness. She is upset and her mind does not work. She gets troubled by them. Before, Baldev could come to her rescue, Rajveer comes there and saves Veera, by beating the goons. He then hugs her pacifying her tears. Rajveer thinks he will win Veera in this weak phase, but does not know the real power of Baldev’s love in Veera’s heart. Veera proves Baldev innocent in the illegal wine case, but with Baldev’s heart wounded by her harsh words, will he give Simran a chance to make Veera jealous?

Diya Aur Baati Hum:
Sooraj denies to go to Dubai for the cooking competition, seeing so many troubles in his family. Disha is stunned and informs Maya Bai ji about Sooraj’s decision. Maya is stunned and says he has to go Dubai and board the flight 2310 at any cost, as he has to die, which will be her gift to her brother Rajkumar. She asks Disha to convince Sooraj at any cost. Disha tries hard and influences Sooraj. Sandhya asks Sooraj to go Dubai and make his name shine in the world. She convinces Sooraj and he gets ready for the Dubai trip. The time has come, and Sooraj wears the suit to impress Sandhya. Sandhya hugs him and they have some final moments of romance. She gives him the spy camera pen as the gift for anniversary for recording every moment and she can relive those moments when he is back. The spy camera pen will help her for Operation Grahan hijack video. Sandhya ties Sooraj the protective thread, and stops as she gets a call from duty. Disha comes and checks Sooraj’s suitcase, by cleverly making the excuse. Will Sandhya be able to save Sooraj?

Hum Hain Na:
Sagarika does the Chhath puja along with Bunty and his family. Bunty;s mum does the puja getting inside the river water. They all reach the Banaras Ghat for the puja. Bunty’s mum has kept the fast for all her family and her bahus helps her in the puja. The festival will be proved special. Sagarika will follow all the rituals and get close to his family, giving new colors to her relations with her mum in law. Bunty is always at Sagarika’s help as he has vowed to win her heart with his love and care, and have courtship in between them, before they take their marriage to another level. With Satya being ready to outdo Sagarika always, will Sagarika manage to do her duties of a good bahu?

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai:
The finale episode of the show has a grand party. Everyone get dressed beautifully, and are really happy after the family got united. Payal was exposed for leaking sensitive personal details about Avantika and Ayush’s link to the media. Rubel and Sheela asks her to leave the house. Payal apologizes to everyone saying she now values the family. Pankhudi asks Rubel to forgive Payal. Avantika forgives Payal and the family is back in happy mode. Sheela leads the party and accepts Payal. Pankhudi will be giving good news of her pregnancy to everyone making them more happier.

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins:
While Nisha’s mum has come to know about Nisha’s fears post Jwala’s incident, she requests Dada ji to give some time to Nisha for marriage, as she is not mentally prepared yet. Dada ji is in two minds. She tells Dada ji that she spoke to a counselor and it will be good if they postpone Nisha’s marriage. Umesh has countered Ritesh, seeing him delete his and Nisha’s pics. He found out Ritesh loves Kirti, and is getting engaged to Nisha. He wants to help Ritesh and make him talk to Dada ji once. Ritesh does not get a chance to speak to elders. Finally, the engagement day comes and Ritesh is tensed seeing Nisha and Kirti. Everyone ask Ritesh and Nisha to exchange the rings. Ritesh takes the ring and stops saying he does not love Nisha, but he loves Kirti. Its Nisha, who have him the courage to speak his heart out and tell about Kirti to everyone. Nisha has already known that Kirti and Ritesh love each other, and Kirti has been sacrificing her love for Nisha’s sake. Nisha united the lovers and everyone is proud of her. The cousin’s bonding is once again applauded by all.

Shastri Sisters:
Neil has committed suicide by jumping in the river down the cliff. Luckily, few people see him jumping off and get him out of the water. Minty who got Neil’s suicide note for Devyaani, rushes to get him safe back home. They get Neil out and she cries thinking Neil died. But Neil is fine and she hugs him, asking him never to do such thing again, and she will do as he says, and will agree to his every decision. She brings Neil back home and is angry on Shastri Sisters, for trapping her sons Neil and Rajat. Minty’s sister Nikki asks Minty to wait for the right chance to attach the Shastri Sisters, so that no one can save them form their attack. Nikki asks Minty to allow her to make a clever move, and control her anger. She hides Neil’s suicide attempt from everyone. Rajat tells his family about the girl he loves, and makes the mistake to not mention the name, and just say she is Shastri’s daughter. He shows them the girl is blue dress, as both Anushka and Devyaani wear the blue color dress while they are standing in the balcony together. Nikki and Minty know its Anushka, but Nikki cleverly plans to hurt Anushka and Devyaani by her one shot, by creating confusion. She then heads on to make Rajat get engaged to Devyaani, to create a rift between Shastri Sisters, so that they harm each other for their love. Anushka sacrifices her love for Rajat seeing Devyaani’s happiness. Will Rajat accept Devyaani and what will Neil do by this women politics at his home?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
Its Diwali time, Ishita is troubled in the happy time, as Ruhi is missing. She sees a girl near the crackers and runs to save her, assuming she is Ruhi. She then sees its not Ruhi, but someone else. The Bhallas try finding Ruhi. Ishita does not know where did Ruhi go. Ishita knows Ruhi was upset by Shagun’s remarriage, as kids were teasing her in school. Ruhi is not with Iyers too, and she gets more tensed. Mrs. Bhalla and Iyers help Ishita in finding Ruhi. We hope Ruhi brings Raman and Ishita closer? On the other hand, Romi realizes his mistake knowing his health disabilities and apologizes to Sarika, saying he will marry her and wants the child. This time, Sarika refuses his proposal. Romi tries convincing her for marriage and giving name to his child. Simmi too supports Romi and Sarika this time, believing Sarika is right. Will Sarika agree to marry Romi?

Gustakh Dil
Barkha is annoyed with Inder and says she can’t accept his illegitimate daughter with open arms. Inder sends money to the girl for her admission and hostel fees. Later on, Inder and Barkha come to know that the girl is a huge fraud and she has been fooling Inder after getting the letter from his old girlfriend. Inder is freed of the guilt burden and is glad that she is not his daughter. Inder and Barkha’s relation gets fine. Things gets well between Lajjo and Nikhil, as Lajjo succeeds in exposing Jasmine and kicking her out of their lives. Jasmine plans to win Nikhil by wrong ways, and Lajjo who is guarding Nikhil from her dirty sight, comes in nick of the time and exposes Jasmine. Lajjo and Nikhil are back together and Lajjo also clears the stains from Sagar’s character, thus making Nikhil realize his mistake and apologize to Sagar.


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