Harshad plans to expose Cabir and Raghav’s love affair in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan

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kaisi yeh yaariyan

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The show has been dealing with bold issues, and coming uo with good twists. Nandini has been professing her feelings in her heart for Manik, and he too likes her, but its Dhruv who is between them. Dhruv has left letters for Nandini, and she feels it by Manik. Nandini and Manik’s chemistry is the most loved one in the show. Coming to the latest track….. Cabir’s truth has been out. Raghav has made it clear to Cabir, that they can’t keep their relation and breaks up with him. While Manik is happy that Cabir has finally broke up with Raghav, as he does not value Cabir’s feelings. Cabir is not happy seeing Manik and Raghav in a fight, but thanks Nandini for stopping them. Manik cares for Cabir being a member of Fab 5.

The jealous king Harshad wants to break the unity of Fab 5 and also show down the group before the Musicana 2014 event. He wants to use Cabir and Raghav’s togetherness as a couple. He messages Raghav to meet Cabir saying he is hurt. Raghav rushes to meet Cabir and asks is he ok. Cabir who is emotionally let down by Raghav hugs him and kisses him flowed by heavy rush of emotions. Harshad evilly watches this and also records their kissing moments, so use it as the mega clip against the Fab 5. Will Nandini and Manik save Cabir’s reputation and also maintain Fab 5’s dignity? Keep reading.



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    Love Manik and Nandini. They are amazing

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