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Airlines new show - Ananya and Akash, Star Plus

Recap: Ananya is taken hostage at the Jaipur’s airport along with many passengers and crew. Akash runs to the airport to help Ananya and other hostages. Akash learns about the abductor to be Manohar Sisodia – a jawaan who used to work at the airport. Manohar shot a young man and is not listening to Ananya’s pleas and is very much angry at his wife’s death.


Manohar removes his face mask and asks Ananya who will come to face him. Akash along with police team follows Manohar and the hostages via blood marks. A young man Ashu who was shot is bleeding profusely and his wife asks for mercy. But Manohar is not listening and Ananya wants him to think for Ashu – a 26 yr old guy. Ananya leaves her scarf and Manohar continues to point gun at Ananya and hostages. Akash learns that after seeing blood that the one who is injured will be battling for his life and asks the police to prepare for emergency since the injured person needs blood transfusion. Ananya tries to speak about the injured man’s wife pain but manohar speaks of his wife’s loss who died due to cancer. He wants to show more pain to them. Akash learns that Manohar will either kill the injured guy or abandoned him. The police commander Vikram Kaul thinks that Akash is much more than a commercial pilot. Soon, Akash learns on seeing the blood trail and counter operations by Army commandos are underway as well.

Ananya’s sister Shefali and family are seeing the news on TV about shooting at Jaipur’s airport and Natasha learns the same news and tries to call Akash but in vain. Akash finds blood dropping in that building and soon finds the injured man Ashu who was abandoned by Manohar. Akash wants the injured hostage to be taken to hospital at earliest. Akash speaks of an idea of splitting so as to support the injured and hostages as well. Akash gets a gun from the commander Kaul and begins his trail to follow Manohar. Shefali sees his news that one hostage has been released and been taken to the hospital. Akash searches for Manohar and hostages with foot marks and uses a torch. Army commandos are also searching for Manohar and Akash comes closer. Manohar continues to reign fear there and Ananya wants him to shoot her. Manohar finds army commandos with rifles just near him. Ananya wants him to listen to her and suggests that hostages are common people and informs that she is a pilot and they will listen to her. Ananya says he is acting and cannot hurt so many and found himself trapped in his own plan. He wants her to be quiet and she informs that security and commandos will come to him after hearing his shot. She speaks of knowing that he wants to live and then why he is risking so many lives and she wants him to take her hostage instead. Manohar gets hold of her and takes her in a lift. Ananya speaks of growing up without a father and thus know what she is saying to him. She wants him to think of his children and she suggests that an officer has said his wife is alive so it must be true. She says that Akash is always right since she knows him well. Manohar remembers about Akash’s announcement and also what his brother told to him. He begins to cry remembering his wife and says Lajvanti is dead and inches to break down. He laments on carrying on his duty at airport while his wife died with much pain at the hospital. Ananya says that if he fires then he will be killed as well. He gets up and speaks of not having any fear.

Akash finds all hostages except Ananya. The injured hostage Ashu’s wife asks about her husband and he informs that Ashu is fine. Akash learns that Ananya acted as a bait and has surrendered herself to the abductor Manohar. Ananya’s grandfather worries about her and watches time. He speaks with Shefali that news is being repeated multiple times and doesn’t know about the status in airport. He then speaks about Mr. Sen – airport manager at Delhi Airport and wants Shefali to call him since he will be knowing more internal things. Shefali calls Mr. Sen and soon Ananya’s grandfather speaks with Mr. Sen who informs that situation is under control because of Ananya and even hostage is free because of her. He wants Ananya’s grandfather to not worry about her and instead be proud of his grand daughter. Ananya asks Manohar about his children and asks what would they feel after seeing him dead ? Manohar continues to not listen with Ananya and thinks that she belongs to security. Akash informs the commander Kaul that all hostages are safe except Ananya who is being taken by Manohar. He informs Kaul to reach the top floor where Ananya is being taken with a small makeshift lift. Ananya tries to stop Manohar by putting a gun in his mouth and soon both fell on the ground. She finds a bravery medal and asks whether he won it ? He looks at his wallet and she informs that he is a good man since he didn’t kill many hostages and also children. He opens up and says that his child  Vishnu is of 10 yrs who also wants to join army like his father. He cries while speaking and doesn’t value his medal anymore. Soon, Ananya finds Akash approaching them. Manohar gets hold of Ananya again and Akash reaches there and asks him to surrender and lower down the weapon. Akash reiterates that his wife is alive and then goes to lower down his weapon and asks Manohar to do the same. Manohar throws Ananya away from him and points the gun at Akash and tries to shoot at him but finds that there is no bullet. Akash and Manohar begins to have a fight and Ananya stops Akash who have already overpowered Manohar. Akash showers a warm hug to Ananya and asks whether she is fine. She replies yes. Manohar is arrested and hostage crisis finally ends.

The media informs that hostage crisis has ended after 10 hrs and after military’s intervention. The media informs that earlier hostages were released and now Ananya – commercial pilot is also released who has been helped by another commercial pilot. The intelligence agency wants more deeper investigation regarding the hostage crisis incident. Akash and Ananya goes to cafeteria at the airport there and he looks at her. Ananya also looks at Akash and remembers how Akash’s moments to save her and her own combat and fights with Manohar. She also remembers the last hug Akash gave him. Akash gets some pain on his left arm and takes coffee with Ananya. Natasha comes there and joins them for the coffee. Ananya and Akash takes the flight as passengers to go back to Delhi from Jaipur and Natasha is also in the same flight. Capt Vikas Rathod informs the passengers that Akash Saluja the hero of Jaipur hostage crisis is also flying with them. Akash gets praise by fellow passengers and he takes some time to look at Ananya and smiles. Ananya remembers how Akash pulled her leg by asking whether she has a boyfriend at the age of 16 yrs. She also remembers sharing the same room with Akash in the Jaipur’s resort hotel. Natasha sees Ananya  going to sit beside Akash’s seat. Akash was unconscious and she thanks him and soon she learns that Akash is bleeding on his left arm and calls for emergency. Ananya learns that Akash’s wound on left arm is much deeper than anticipated. Sunaina – an airhostess on board informs Capt. Rathod that Akash has already fainted and has wound on his left arm and then Rathod asks if there is a doctor on board via an announcement. Capt. Rathod goes from the cockpit to see Akash and asks Ananya to take care of Akash and speaks of contacting ATC to arrange ambulance. Akash opens his eyes after some time and speaks Ananya’s name. He informs her to not worry and suggests that he will not die easily. She speaks of not having any idea that the wound is much deeper. He says that the bullet touched and left passing from his arm. He says on fainting because of the tiredness and not because of the bullet.

Sunaina informs Capt Rathod that Akash is fine now. The plane lands in Delhi and Akash is seen fine with Ananya with bandage on his arm. Mr. Sen comes and greets Akash and speaks of his bravery. Akash asks about the roster email to Mr. Sen. Sen speaks that both Ananya and Akash needs rest and informs that both have faced traumatic experience and reminds about Mahima’s experience. He stops talking and attends another call. Akash is being introduced to Ananya’s grandfather and Shefali. Akash speaks about Ananya’s mental fitness/toughness and Shefali suggests that because of Akash, her sister’s life was saved. Ananya’s mother thanks Akash much and he asks her to not thank him since she has called him as her son. Natasha gives cold shoulder to Akash and leaves without listening to him. Akash begins to leave in his car and finds a senior intelligence officer sitting in the car. The officer calls Akash an irresponsible guy and Akash speaks of doing the thing which is right regarding the hostage crisis. The officer suggests that Akash is doing more than needed and also showing more interest for the girl and this leads to him coming on the front page and in everyone’s eyes. He then informs Akash that organization comes first and then wants to be dropped at some place.

Next Episode: Natasha and her friends attends a fashion show which is being attended by a bigwig Rohit Mafatlal. Natasha’s friend wants her to only think about show and Rohit and nothing else.

Update: 6th November 2014
* Rohit Mafatlal – bigwig turns out to be the owner of Inde Air where Ananya and Aakash work as pilots. The character of Rohit is inspired by real life businessman in Airlines sector – Sid Mallya. The role carries flamboyant and modern look. Rohit will seen wooing the girls and the girls tend to fall for him. It has to be seen whether Natasha who is in dejected mode with Aakash gets attracted to Rohit.

* Actor Himmanshoo Ashok Malhotra is portraying the role of Rohit Mafatlal. Himanshoo was recently seen in Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 52 aired on 20th July 2014 and have played the role of Officer Mayur who helps a girl Bhumi and falls in love with her. Follow the tag -> Himmanshoo Ashok Malhotra to know articles written about him on our site.

* Himanshoo’s Twitter page

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