Raman gets irked as generous Ishita gifts his present to Shagun in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


yeh hai mohabbatein

Raman has taunted Ishita about wearing Kanjivaram sarees and being an aunty always, looking like his mother always. Ishita gets really serious and asks Mihika does she look older than Raman. Mihika laughs off and tells about Shagun being in a big problem, as she does not have any good dress to wear in the cocktail party, and asks Ishita to help Shagun. Shagun goes for shopping to the same place where Raman goes to get a western dress for Ishita for Shagun’s party as per the dress code. He chooses one piece dress and even Shagun likes the same dress. Both of them start arguing, and Shagun tells him that his Bahenji type wife won’t be able to carry the dress like her, and maybe Raman wants to find her in Ishita. Shagun and Raman are at their best arguments, and finally Raman wins the dress by his taunting.

Raman gifts the gown to Ishita and asks her to wear it in the cocktail party, and he wants her to look the best and justify her correct age. Ishita likes the gift, and thinks about Shagun’s problem. She thinks she had to sacrifice the dress to make Mihika and Shagun’s relation better. The generous Ishita gives Raman’s gifted dress to Shagun for her party. Raman heads to the party and talks to Mihir. He looks handsome in his blue suit. He is stunned seeing Ishita walk in wearing the Kanjivaram saree, which he hates the most, and sees Shagun wearing the gown he gifted Ishita. He gets annoyed and argues with Ishita. Their sweet Nok jhok starts again. Mihir drools over Mihika seeing her look gorgeous in the western gown.

Raman shows Ishita what everyone in the party are wearing, all western dresses and she looking the ‘odd thing out’ between everyone, being clad in the six yard saree. Shagun comes to them, to taunt them in her flaunting and self praising style. Ishita manages to look good among everyone in her unique style. There is much more in the cocktail party, as Shagun expects Ashok to propose her and make it an engagement function, but Ashok’s eyes sticks to Mihika. Will Mihika be able to expose Ashok infront of Shagun? We just hope Ashok’s denial does not make Shagun return back to Bhalla house, as Ishita can do that as well, being big hearted and trouble inviter. Keep reading!!


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