Ishita progresses from Ravan Kumar’s ‘Dracula’ to ‘Darling’ in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


yeh hai mohabbatein

Raman and Ishita are invited in Shagun’s cocktail party. Raman and Ishita swirl the ballroom dance, happily as Shagun is out of their way and getting married to Ashok very soon. Ishita dances very well, but Raman’s mood spoils seeing her in the saree. He thought Ishita won’t manage the dance in the saree and she really slipped being uncomfortable as it is tough to dance in saree, but then Ishita managed it well and they look the hot couple on the floor. Raman and Ishita’s emotions and eye locks are the high point in this scene. Mihir hugs Mihika and Ashok looks on angrily. Raman’s smile seeing his lady love is a must watch.

Raman changed his words from calling Ishita the ‘’saree aunty’’ to a ‘’hottie’’ by her good dance moves. Shagun and Ashok dance together. Ishita really looked Raman’s darling in this party. Mihika and Mihir dance looking really cute together, and Ashok lays his eyes on Mihika having Shagun in his arms. Shagun is excited that she is finally getting married to the man she loves, and it has to be seen till when will her happiness stay…. Raman and Ishita rule the dance floor and viewer’s hearts too. Keep reading!!


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