Ajabde promises to love Pratap forever; Krip Suri marks entry in the role of Akbar in Maharana Pratap

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Pratap agrees to work as the commander of Bijolia’s army. After meeting Pratap aka horse caretaker, Ajabde aka Patta’s jija is on her way to the palace via forest and encounters Pratap. She learns on Pratap being there to see whether she safely passes that route.

At that moment, thunderstorms and rains start to happen and Pratap removes the small dust from her eyes and then helps in covering Ajabde’s dupatta. Both starts coming close and Ajabde was also inching towards him. They have a brief Kuch Kuch Hota Hai moment with rain between them but Ajabde backs out after remembering her nice moments with young Pratap and also her marriage vows with him. She gets teary eyed and runs to her palace. She laments in the temple about not controlling herself with Pratap aka Ashwapalak (horse caretaker) and decides to punish herself by burning her palm and Saubhagvati comes to her help. Chakrapani at his ends informs Pratap about Ajabde’s planning to lead an agitation/Vidroh against Mewar and suggests to Pratap to leave aside his personal differences against Ajabde to fight against Afghans occupancy & loot in Bijolia.

Pratap senses conspiracy to be hatched by someone against Bijolia
Pratap agrees with Chakrapani’s suggestion since patriotism (Desh Bhakti) comes first to him and he will train and lead Bijolia’s army in the fight. Pratap also opens up and asks Chakrapani about the reasons of Bijolia’s letters not reaching his father and thinks somebody is stopping them by some conspiracy but don’t know the person/s behind it. Pratap decides to write a special message for Rawat ji and wants Chakrapani to deliver it personally. He also speaks about his doubt of feeling something amiss and thinks that someone is planning something big against him/Bijolia. Though he has given his word to Chakrapani but continues to possess hatred and doesn’t have feelings for Ajabde and thinks that she is taking revenge and while worshipping Suryadev makes the God witness to his pledge of not liking Ajabde anymore.

Ajabde at her end makes a promise while praying with Tulsi plant that she will always love Kunwar Pratap and it doesn’t matter what he thinks about her (assumes his hatred for her) and makes pledge to always keep her thoughts for him. Badshah Khan after initial rejection from Akbar goes on to rampage and kills the guards stationed at Akbar’s bathing pool. Akbar was taking bath in floral pool but while having sword inside water. He throws the sword at Badshah Khan just to injure him partially close to his heart and not kill him. After injuring Badshah Khan, Akbar reveals that he kept guards who were serving punishment in jails to keep duty there and was well aware that would be going to die by Badshah Khan after his intrusion. Akbar tortures Badshah Khan and learns about the message which he got from a Rajputana secret messenger. The message turns out to be Rajput Kings of Bikaner showing interest to join Mughals and their provinces under the reign of Akbar. Akbar is not impressed with the message since he believes that Rajput king have internal conflicts between them and were interested to join him. Akbar then learns that Badshah Khan’s actual intention is to capture Bijolia who suggests that it would be their common interest. Some of the questions which are still remaining:

  1. What would be the decision of Akbar regarding Badshah Khan’s wish to capture Bijolia ?
  2. How Dheer Bai’s and Jagmal plan progressing to send special squad to attack Pratap in Bijolia with Dhaman Singh’s support ?
  3. Will Diwali Mela materialize to support Bijolia’s army ?
  4. Will Rawat Singh be able to get Pratap’s message about Bijolia’s situation – Afghan’s occupancy and impending fight and act accordingly ?
  5. How Parvat Das’s activities of being a traitor to Bijolia would be exposed to Ajabde aka Baiji lal and Hansa Bai ?

Akbar is being portrayed by actor Krip Suri.
* Krip Suri is an model turned actor and coming from Delhi and now lives in Mumbai.
– Currently Portrays the role of Prof. Vardhan in Channel V’s Sadda Haq. Got much popularity from this role.
– Role of Asgar in Colors’ TV Uttaran.
– Portrayed the role of Rahukaal in Life OK’ show Savitri (2013).
– Also worked in Maan Rahe Tera Pitaah (2010), Apno Ke Liye Geeta Ka Dharmayudh (2010-2011), and Phulwa (2011-2012).
– Krip’s Twitter page.
Krip Suri playing the role of Ajabde


  1. hanna Avatar

    Going to be more interesting..lots of intrigue and suspense built in. And all characters are doing well

  2. tejina Avatar

    Plots are thickening ..good showing by all character..s esp Ajabde

  3. Dee Avatar

    Thanks your article has summarized it well. Show is moving forward very well with lots of interesting things happening…esp enjoy Ajabde’s part…

  4. manish Avatar

    Getting interesting…show is getting better with all characters doing well.. (though I am biased as I adore Ajabde) …Hopefully all questions raised by your article get answered ..

  5. surine Avatar

    Good your article explains some things we do not understand because of the deep Hindi… Thank you ..Good show …MRP ki jai…

  6. mannyi Avatar

    Very serial ….enjoying the intrigue and characters esp Pratap and Ajabde

  7. tammy Avatar

    Good showing all round …like the serial ….and of course specially Pratap and Ajabde jodi..

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