Sharda questions Shobha about Vikram taking Samarth’s place in Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh

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Garima gets to know about Mummy ji fixing her engagement with Ajay. She calls Shobha asking her to come home in lunch time. Shobha comes home and she talks to Mummy ji to think about Garima and she does not love Ajay. She asks her to cancel the engagement. Mummy ji gets angry and scolds her saying she knows the best for Garima, as she is her mum. Mummy ji asks her to remember her identity and asks her about Vikram. She asks about Vikram signing on the school register in place of Jia’s father. She asks what’s her relation with Vikram, how could she let her take Samarth’s place.

Shobha is stunned as she did not know about this. Mummy ji points on her character and is annoyed that Vikram is interfering a lot in their lives. Shobha heads to Vikram for an answer and why is he complicating her life by doing such things. Vikram is clueless. Shobha asks her about signing as Jia’s father and scolds her. Vikram was not aware of what such things mean for women, and apologizes to her being scared of Nani’s words that she can file case on him.






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