Cabir makes a selfless decision to stabilize Fab 5 in Musicana 2014 in MTV’s Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan

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kaisi yeh yaariyan

Cabir has been threatened by Harshad about his affair with Raghav. Harshad asks Cabir not to perform with the Fab 5 in the Musicana and wants Cabir to accept this condition, as his first step on the stage will make him showcase the video on the big screen, bringing out his affair. Cabir does not care about Harshad’s words. Harshad asks him to think again, as he will make the video go viral and this will make Fab 5 disqualified from Musicana. Cabir is tensed and equates his performance with Fab 5 or the band’s performance in the Musicana.

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Cabir makes a decision being selfless. The Musicana’s first grant night starts and Shaan and VJ Gaelyn will be seen in the show. Shaan performs in the event and is the judge. Fab 5 is called on the stage to perform. Manik marks a rocking story and the band performs on Haider’s song. The audience loves Fab 5 performance and Harshad gets raged. Cabir gets missing……


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