Minty’s plan backfires as Rajat gets engaged to Devyaani in Colors’ Shastri Sisters

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shastri sisters

Neil comes to know about Rajat and Devyaani’s engagement, and opposes it. He thinks Minty and Nikki are taking revenge from Devyaani, as she has ditched him, but he realizes later that Devyaani kept the fast for Rajat on Karwachauth day. Neil breaks down thinking Rajat has lied to him and hidden his feelings about Devyaani. He feels Minty is breaking him down by bringing the same girl as his Bhabhi. Neil thinks to stop the engagement, but stops seeing Devyaani’s happiness. Devyaani offers friendship to him, and he rejects it. Anushka hides from Rajat about Sareen and Minty choosing Devyaani for him. Sareen doubts Rajat has signed to Anu that day, but Minty clears out that Rajat told her about Devyaani.

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Minty lies to him and has a fear in her heart that her one mistake can break Rajat’s heart too. Nikki asks her to take the risk to settle scores with the Shastri Sisters. Nikki’s plan to make Rajat refuse Devyaani on the engagement day and making her feel the rejection pain fails…. Rajat agrees to get engaged to Devyaani on Anushka’s insistence and Nikki and Minty are shocked seeing the engagement done. Devyaani tries impressing Minty, and Minty angrily thinks to break off the engagement to take revenge on Devyaani. Will Devyaani find out that Rajat loves Anushka? Keep Reading..

Shastri Sisters - Rajat and Devyani



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