Ajabde continues to battle with herself to stop inching closer to Pratap; Badshah Khan preparing to attack Bijolia

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Maharana Pratap on Sony TV

Akbar has given the nod to Badshah khan to use Mughal’s soldiers but they should wear Afghani clothes. Akbar learns on Badshah Khan invading Bijolia’s borders many times and looting.

He comes to know of Mewar’s negligence and apathy in not keeping any soldier in Bijolia. Badshah Khan tries to remind Akbar’s dream of capturing Mewar in the assembly. Akbar and Kunwar Pratap had a fight when both were very young and defeat was wandering on Akbar’s head but Pratap at that time let Akbar go as his mother was ill. Akbar’s current pact with Badshah Khan is because he continues to have the dream to capture Mewar (Chittor). Pratap has sent a message to Rawat Singh via Chakrapani’s father and awaiting reply.

Earlier, Pratap defended Bijolia’s Ornaments with help from Ajabde aka Patta jija’s. Dhaman Singh’s hired attackers (mercenaries) – Bheema and his men got the dust. Bheema killed himself so as to not reveal who has sent him to attack Pratap. Thus, Dhaman Singh’s plans have failed and will be going to face Dheer Bai and Jagmal’s strong anger. Pratap is very sure that attackers came to attack him and robbery was not their real motive. Ajabde continues to battle with herself with turn of events – recent being Pratap’s blood touching her hairline (like Sindoor) during fight. She is not able to control herself and asks why such things are happening ?. Both Ajabde and Pratap aren’t aware of their real identities until now but all events between them are making them inch closer.  Pratap’s awareness of Bijolia’s army led him to inspire them. In return, he got all the support from them. Moreover, Pratap and Patta’s bond is getting stronger day by day. Another development is Pratap going to find his favorite horse Chetak soon. Keep Reading..

Some of the questions which are still remaining.

  1. How Ajabde and Pratap will come to know about their real identities and sort out their differences ? [Saubhagvyati knows Pratap is in Bijolia but made a promise to Chakrapani].
  2. Whether Pratap and Rawat Singh meet ? Will Pratap be able to identify the person (Dheer Bhai) who didn’t allow Bijolia’s help letters to reach Udai Singh and hatched conspiracy ? How Dheer Bai take the defeat of not able to injure/handicap Pratap ? She is worried of Udai Singh knowing about her actions. What will be her next step ?
  3. How Parvat Das’s activities of being a traitor to Bijolia would be exposed ?
  4. What role the amazing horse Chetak will play in consolidating and save guarding Pratap ?
  5. How Badshah Khan & his army will engage in the upcoming fight with Pratap & Bijolia’s army ?


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