Bindass Yeh Hai Aashiqui – ‘Pehla Wala Love’, Flashback Episodes with Nikita, Niti, Ayaz, Rohan to telecast on 16th November 2014


Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 74 2nd November 2014

Bindass Yeh Hai Aashiqui is bringing 3 back to back episodes which were telecast earlier with the theme – Pehla Wala love [First time love].


It will be going to telecast on 16th November from 12:00 PM onwards. Stay tuned to relish those touching love stories once again on TV. A brief description of couple of episodes.

Pragya and Kanishk’s Love Story [Episode 25]
The story of Pragya and Kanishk, both neighbors from families that hate each other.

* Cast:
– Pragya is played by actress Nikita Sharma
– Kanisk is played by actor Ayaz Ahmed

Kanishk:  Confesses his love to Pragya – I love you and says why to fear if you choose to love [Pyaar Kiya to Darna Kiya]
Pragya:   Believes in marrying someone whom you love.


Trisha and Rishi’s Love Story [Episode 22]
The story of Trisha and Rishi, two young, impressionable students who make a mistake and are torn apart by their families.

* Cast:
– Trisha is played by actress Niti Taylor
– Rishi is played by actor Rohan Shah


Rishi:  Proposes to Trisha asking a question whether she will become his girlfriend. She gives her approval by nodding her head in sweet manner.
– Later close to the end of the story speaks that under any circumstances his love for her will never change. Trisha reciprocates her feelings by showering a warm hug to him.

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