‘Dil kahin rukta nahi…..’ bed-sharing initiative by Raman in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


raman and ishita in yeh hai mohabbatein

Raman smiles seeing Ishita while she prepares to sleep on the couch. The eye signs and smiles have started their Mohabbatein….. Raman signs naughty expressions and tries impressing her. He combs his hair and applies perfume before she comes back after changing. Raman gets confused as he finds some wrong signal by her sweet gestures. He practices to share his bed with her. He tells her that the couch is broken and shaking, and she can fall off it, so he was making place for her on the bed. Raman takes the blanket from her couch and puts on the bed, showing her acceptance in his life.

Though he does not tell her directly, she understands this and smiles. She refuses and he asks is she scared. She says nothing like that. He says then, come. A first step towards their union has been taken by Raman. Raman convinces Mrs. Bhalla to dance in Shagun’s function by praising Mrs. Iyer, and she agrees. More confusion arises as Ishita orders a stomach pain tablet and she gets something else. She calls the pharmacist and scolds him for sending such thing which could have created more mystification in her life. Watch out the show for more cute Raman-Ishita scenes. Keep reading!!


  1. Just 4 my sweet & beautiful divyanka………………………….. Kash k hum unke dil pe raj krte

    Jo kal thi wohi mohabat aaj karte

    Humein gham nhi un ki bewafi ka

    Ba$ arman tha k hum bhi apni mohabat pe naaz krty . 4u, divyanka ( ishita)

  2. raman n ishita m damm big fann of urs… I just wanna to see romance n mohabbatein only…no fights only love…..hope u both vl rock more on star plus wid love n naughtiness lovely couple…. I really love diz show….becoz of raman n ishita n cute ruhi….


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