Durga tries making Rajnath see Sakshi’s truth in Ek Hasina Thi

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durga in ek hasina thi

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Durga occupied the hospital bed instead of Raima and gave a chance to the nurse to attack her. She catches the nurse red handed. Dayal saves Durga and informs everyone. The Goenkas arrive there. Durga tells Rajnath about Raima being harmed again by someone’s super plan. Rajnath is shocked and asks her who is the one who wanted to kill Raima, as Dev is in jail. Durga points to the nurse. Sakshi gets tensed knowing Raima is out of coma and can speak up any moment, but it was a drama plot by Durga to expose Sakshi.

The nurse creates a big scene in the hospital as she aims the gun at Inspector Mukherjee, as he gives her a chance to do so and not name Sakshi for Raima’s murder attempt in her ward. Sakshi gave this idea to the nurse to run away by blackmailing them. Rajnath is worried that Raima is not safe and he wants to keep her fine as he loves her a lot. Rajnath does not know Sakshi is trying to kill Raima. Durga wants to keep Sakshi’s truth infront of Rajnath, but Sakshi acts clever and does her drama again to fool Rajnath. Sakshi acts smart and uses her few tears to make Rajnath believe that she cares for Raima a lot. What will durga do now to expose Sakshi?



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