Wishing Ek Boond Ishq [A Drop of Love] Season 2

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EBI Season2

We received requests from Ek Boond Ishq (EBI) fans on Twitter who want EBI Season 2 on Life OK with the same lead cast of Viraf Patel and Chhavi Pandey. We found on Twitter that even the show’s makers [Producer, Writer] are also interested to develop and come back with Season 2. Since, both EBI fans and the makers are aligned and have same interests, thus we decided to write a post about fans request on our site.

EBI S1 tracked the journey of two people – Mritunjay and Tara [Mriara] who got married and a love story was weaved. Their love story faced tribulations and a villain (antagonist) in their story was Rudra Pratap, an eunuch who was also Kalavati. Rudra Pratap/Kalavati was played by actor – Vishwajeet Pradhan. It ended last month on 3rd October [274 Episode] after running for more than 1 year. The show gave consistent good ranking on the channel’s TRP’s though dropped in ranking in some weeks close to the end. The fans were not so happy since the show was not promoted on social media by the channel.

The EBI fans gave us some inputs on what they like the most about EBI Season 1 and about its ending. Some of the qualities they like about EBI S1 are – Unique Storyline with gripping twists and turns different from other TV soaps which kept viewers hooked; romantic Jodi & magical chemistry between actors Viraf and Chhavi; fabulous team and liked the performance of Vishwajeet; suspense-mystery [hero was in jail at the start]; not predictable and every episode touching except last one. All of them were surprised to see an abrupt ending in which the villain was left free without being punished for his crimes, and many unanswered questions. Coming to the abrupt ending, if makers are told about channel’s decision then for sure they cannot complete their story, one possible reason and there might be other reasons too for not getting extension. The economics behind shows are best known to the channel and makers thus we cannot comment on it.

Now looking forward with constructive outlook leaving shortcomings behind.  Currently, EBI fans are making requests to Life OK Channel and other media portals since quite a while and they are clear in few things for Season 2: new story, same lead cast, and hopeful of getting success in viewers ratings. We (TR) lost the track of the show’s plot since few months before its end, thus doesn’t want to write more on the plot. However, love story with much tribulations and the title Ek Boond Ishq – A Drop of love is appealing as in love you always need to fight against all odds. People liked much the chemistry of lead actors – Viraf and Chhavi and got connected with them. Thus, EBI Season 2 can be seen as a natural extension and has the potential of a franchise with a fresh new love story with all necessary elements. With already established audience base, we find no reasons why the makers won’t get a slot on a leading channel – Life OK or some other. The Indian TV audience key quality is diversity with everyone has their own liking. However, there could be many opportunities for an already loved show and makers to come with its 2nd Season since love and youth-centric shows will always find their way if executed and promoted well. We hope the makers are able to realize their projects and soon come up with the show’s season 2 on Indian Telly.

* Ek Boond Ishq Season 1 was written by Saba Mumtaz and S. Manasvi and produced by Saba and BBC India.
– Twitter page of Chhavi Pandey & Viraf Patel.
– To know more about the cast and show, read the Wikipedia page of EBI
– We wrote few articles on EBI, follow EBI tag on our site to find them.

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6 responses to “Wishing Ek Boond Ishq [A Drop of Love] Season 2”

  1. Mamta Kumari Avatar

    It was fantastic series with interesting blend of suspense, thriller and romance. I really want that they come up with its second season with fresh story with Viraf & Chhavi.

  2. kristeena Avatar

    I hope ebi season2 with viraf Chhavi

  3. kristeena Avatar

    ebi ss2 plzzz come back
    with viraf Chhavi

  4. Mah_-Noor Malik Avatar
    Mah_-Noor Malik

    yeah! i also want to see TARA & Mritunjy again in Ek boond isaq season2 with new story:)

  5. jeshni Avatar

    pliz bring back EBI season 2 with viraf and chhavi……love this show soooo much!

  6. Vartika Avatar

    It’s true that the show has got over on an open end but no matter a fresh story with same cast can be started any time. It will welcomed and our success as MriAra lovers.

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