Ajabde-Pratap to face upcoming danger from Badshah Khan's kidnapping plan; Testing time for Pratap's Love for Ajabde

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Maharana Pratap on Sony TV

Patta’s jija aka Ajabde (Baiji lal) falls into misunderstanding and confronts Pratap by engaging in a sword fight at the seasonal festival out in open. She doesn’t listen to Pratap and even to Patta. Because of her anger, she discloses her identity as Baiji lal (Ajabde) to Pratap. Pratap gets a shocker on learning it and becomes annoyed and decides to leave with Chakrapani. Ajabde still doesn’t know that Pratap is actually Kunwar Pratap of Mewar.

Badshah Khan who was in disguise there identifies Pratap who was fighting earlier with Bijolia’s soldiers to pass the loyalty test set by Patta. Patta has grown jealousy with Pratap recently  who was assigned the role of Bijolia’s army commander. Pratap defeats the soldiers without hurting them and Patta again calls Pratap as his friend. Badshah Khan has identified Pratap as Kunwar Pratap of Mewar by following his attacking characteristics – unpredictable, using arms & legs, jumps, and more importantly key indicator was Pratap’s much love and care for his own people. All this details were provided to Badshah Khan by his father Shams Khan who was killed by Pratap (when he was a child). Badshah Khan has revenge on his mind against Pratap since he was 10 yrs old and gives an analogy of not attacking a tiger in its own yard which means not attacking Pratap in Bijolia. Instead, he is hatching a plan to kidnap Ajabde and take her in his army’s camp. If that would happen, then Pratap has to come to her rescue as a savior for the sake of love. And once Pratap comes, Badshah Khan will lead an attack on both Pratap and Ajabde together. He also plans to modify the clothing of his soldiers to evade Pratap’s careful eye and precision.

While, Ajabde have vowed to love Pratap forever and took oath during prayers with Tulsi plant. On other hand, Pratap have decided on not loving Ajabde (blames her for Jaivant Bai’s departure to Sanyaas – hermit stay) and his love has died for her and took oath with Suryadev God. And to make matters more worse after recent sword fight, he now thinks that Ajabde aka Baiji lal and her cousin brother Patta have deceived him by volleys of lies. So, Pratap thinks of not having any love for her. Badshah Khan knows that love and hate are two sides of the same coin, and is very much sure that Pratap will come out to help Ajabde in the rescue. It’s true that Pratap has hatred for Ajabde but in her distress time, his hate will get converted to care/affection/love and he will be able to foil Badshah Khan’s revenge plan. The track is shifting to Badshah Khan kidnapping plan and how Pratap comes forward to save Ajabde. Chetak is inching closer to Pratap and will be accepted by Pratap to become his best friend. Some other questions, Parvat Das’s traitor link haven’t been exposed yet; Dheer Bai continues to make plan to save herself from Udai Singh and without his permission has sent Dhaman Singh with an army unit to bring back Pratap. Keep Reading..


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