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tgi friday pic Ek Hasina Thi:

Dev comes to know about Sakshi’s findings about Nitya. He gets the accident details from Mathur and checks with the hospital about Nitya. He gets her death certificate and breaks down, thinking she is really dead. He thinks of Durga’s words who has made Nitya alive in his eyes and goes to police station to see accident case file. He gets the car number who has hit Nitya and thinks to go to the root of the accident. Dev is close to know that Dayal was the person who has accidentally hit Nitya, and soon he will be knowing the fact that Dayal has given his daughter Durga’s face to Nitya. Will Dev find out Durga and Nitya’s truth, after realizing their similarities and special bond with Payal?

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman feels upset seeing how much Ishita is facing by his family and rivals. Even his son has troubled Ishita, another time now by falling into Parmeet’s trap and sending the wrong address to defame Ishita in the men’s party. Raman realizes she is getting all the humiliation, sufferings and disrespect because she married him. He thinks she has done a lot for him, being so selfless towards his family, and even Shagun and Adi. Raman decides to free Ishita off their marriage, to give her a peaceful and prosperous life. Abhimanyu comes to know about Ashok and Parmeet’s wrong doing of teasing Ishita and rages in anger. Will Raman and Abhimanyu join hands to teach the creeps a lesson?

[dailymotion id=k4H6M9586ruZyW9iNdO] HumSafars:

Sahir has started feeling for Aarzoo and is unable to control his heart inclination towards her. He had a lady love in his life and has bitterness related to her. Sahir still loves her, and now started feeling the same for Aarzoo. He gets angry on himself and starts beating himself to the extent that his feelings gets wiped away by the pain. Sahir is actually a married man, and his wife’s name is Zeenat, who will be soon seen in the show. Aarzoo will be coming to know about her.


Veera and Baldev come face to face in his haldi ceremony. Veera applies the haldi to his face and tries to look very happy. She meets Rajveer seeing Baldev following her. She acts sweet to Rajveer and holds his hands saying she will also move on and marry someone, when Baldev can move on and marry Simran. Rajveer gets fooled and thinks Veera is ready to marry him. Ranvi feels Veera really started liking Rajveer and gets mistaken. Veera tries to prove Simran is misfit for Baldev. Will she succeed in making Baldev jealous and value her love?

Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh:

Shobha has landed in jail too, for giving wrong statement in favor of Samarth and misleading the court. Tarun is unable to help her, and tells her that he has told the risk to Samarth and he agreed to get the bail at any cost, even putting her at stake. The lawyer tells Tarun that if both of the parents are in jail, then the court allows one parent to get bail for taking care of the kids. He says we can get Shobha out by this clause. Tarun acts clever and asks him to bail out Samarth instead, as that’s all he wants. Shobha’s sister Riddhima is shocked knowing this and angry on Tarun for being so selfish. Vikram tells Nani that he will get Shobha out of jail at any cost just for the sake of her kids. Shobha has lost all trust on Samarth and tells Vikram that she has given the wrong statement just for her kids’ happiness.

Shastri Sisters:

Devyaani feels Anushka has taken away her first love Rajat from her, and suppresses her mixed feelings in her heart. Rajat tells Neil that he has always loved Anushka, and Neil gets glad. Neil tries to win Devyaani’s heart. Rajat and Anushka’s marriage proposal upsets Devyaani. Anushka is hesitant, but agrees to marry Rajat. Their marriage triggers the problems between the sisters, breaking their unity, as Minty and Nikki fill poison in Devyaani’s mind to ruin the sister’s bond.

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hai:

Arjun has changed into a hero, and is slowly winning Poorvi’s heart by being studious, honest, caring and loving. Poorvi has started liking him, and this annoyed Gauri, whom Arjun has dumped. Gauri goes to Arjun’s home and meets Sujatha telling him that Arjun has got been slapped by Neelima Dayal. Sujatha tells this to Bachcha Singh and he gets furious on Neelima. Arjun lies to him that Neelima did not slap him, fearing his dad will ruin Poorvi’s family. Will Arjun protect Poorvi from his family’s anger? Watan thinks he did a mistake to leave Lakshya alive, and plans to marry Nisha.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir:

Niranjan sees Varad’s less efforts to find Shlok and gets restless. Varad has been playing it safe by fooling Niranjan and getting Shlok disowned from the Agnihotri group. He has crossed all limits of selfishness and just wants to get Shlok’s place in Niranjan’s heart and business. Niranjan hires a private detective to know about Shlok’s whereabouts and asks him to give all details of Shlok and Astha. He plans to get back Shlok, as he has realizes his mistake of letting him go away. Will Niranjan find out Varad’s truth?

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Akshara and Naitik have got someone from their past, which disturbs Akshara. Naitik tells her about his client Alok and Akshara gets irked knowing about him. Naman and Karishma’s engagement news reached to Suresh, and he gets very angry as Devyaani did not inform and invite him. He walks to Singhania house and rages on Devyaani for not letting him know about Naman’s engagement. Rajpanna defends Devyaani and makes Suresh leave their house. Suresh decides to settle scores with Devyaani. Will Naman and Muskaan be able to calm their father’s anger?

Jamai Raja:

Sid brings the Aarti plate, and is shocked seeing Rajveer already doing the Aarti. He gets upset seeing Rajveer winning a place in DD’s heart. Durga Devi challenges Sid to prove himself a better Jamai than Rajveer. Roshni stands to support Sid. Will Sid be able to prove himself better?

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Diya Aur Baati Hum: 21st November Promo
– Bhabho shoots at Ashutosh being forced by Maya.
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