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Airlines new show - Ananya and Akash, Star Plus

Precap: Rohit Mafatlal makes an entry on the show in a flamboyant style with a security drill thereby exposing the vulnerabilities in airlines security. Rohit is the owner of INDE Airlines. Aakash rescues Ananya and Natasha from kidnappers who actually wanted to kidnap Rohit Mafatlal’s father.

On the plane runaway, a truck hits the plane which led to one of the engine getting fire. Rohit Mafatlal sees the plane caught fire and Ananya speaks that 185 passengers and 6 crews are on board  and the plane is ascending since 15 minutes. Rathod speaks that if they descend now then they will come down with lots of weights. Aakash is also hearing it and comes to know that the plane will go out of the runway if it descend at that point of time. The story goes backward by 3 hrs and Captain Rathod informs Mr. Sen of not flying the plane. Rathod speaks of not liking to fly with Ananya and he speaks that with captain Ananya all the trips with her as co-pilot were adventurous. Mr. Sen assures him that from next time he will take care to not put her with him. Ananya at her home speaks to Shefali and motivates her to play guitar. Shefali speaks that there are kinds of people, the ones who achieves their dreams and the others who just have dreams. Shefali plays the guitar and sings an inspiring song – Khul Ke Hasaon.. Khul Ke Jiyo Koi.. Afsoos Na Karo….Aasman Chou Liyo and Ananya is all smiles to see her younger sibling playing nicely. Ananya gives an excellent remark and hugs Shefali and is proud of her. Shefali speaks to going to Megha (Mahima’s sister) who will upload her songs on the college website.

Shefali finds the news of Rohit Mafatlal about his security drill on TV and wants Ananya to greet Aakash on her behalf. Aakash calls Ananya and asks for the dinner tonight and she speaks of flying to Mumbai. He speaks that doesn’t matter he can reach her. She speaks of reaching the security check post and with a smile disconnect Aakash’s call without giving him the reply. She enters the plane’s cockpit to find Rathod as the co-pilot. He speaks rudely and calls their flight as the last one. She asks  whether he is quitting and he doesn’t listen. Natasha comes there and he speaks that there is no guarantee that the next moments will be fine as well. Natasha informs that Rohit Mafatlal is also flying with them. Shefali reaches Megha’s home and there are also some men monitoring and keeping an eye on Megha/Mahima’s home. Aakash is seen driving and approaches Mahima’s home and identifies men standing there who are keeping eye on Mahima’s home. He asks who are those people ? Aakash goes to meet his senior officer and informs that Sr Mafatlal was going to be kidnapped couple of days back and needs to take care of him. He wants the officer to leave Ananya in their work and the officer asks why Aakash is getting closer to Ananya. Aakash speaks of not getting distracted in his work and speaks of some men who are having surveillance at Mahima’s home. Aakash learns that those men wants something from Mahima and the officer wants the evidence to be collected much earlier by them than those men. Aakash agrees to work on it.

Aakash calls Megha and she speaks of remembering him and cites that his younger sister is missing him. Aakash asks her to take care of herself and her mother. Ananya and Rathod flies the plane and is cruising well. Rohit is also in the plane and goes on to work as the flight steward so as to impressing the passengers. He serves tea/coffee to people on-board and gives to one person who gives suspicious look. Some other passenger identifies Rohit – steward as Rohit Mafatlal – owner of INDE Airlines. Rohit speaks of serving as the steward to know more about the passengers and his duty is to serve them. The passengers applaud him and some of the passenger takes photos with him. At Megha’s home, Shefali continues to show her guitar skills to Megha and her mother and gets praise. She speaks that Ananya remembers them and Megha becomes sad to hear about her elder sister Mahima. Shefali learns that her phone’s battery is dead and even her songs lyrics was also on the phone and thus needs a charger for her phone. Megha goes to find the charger of Mahima’s phone which had the same charger like that of Shefali. Megha finds the charger but Shefali speaks it won’t work. Ananya and Rathod are preparing for landing at the Aurangabad airport. Megha finds a small gift which she has given to Mahima on her birthday and they find special key behind it. Megha thinks that her sister Mahima has intentionally hidden that key and wants to call Aakash  to inform about it.

Rohit comes to the cockpit and serves the coffee to Ananya and Rathod. Rathod asks where is Natasha and Ananya speaks that Rohit is right and he can give ice-creams and coffee to the passengers. Rohit compliments Ananya and she replies that he is very kind. Rathod gets jealous which showed in his tone for a moment. Rathod takes leave and speaks of dropping off at the Aurangabad airport. Ananya speaks of making an announcement of landing in Aurangabad and after 15 mins of break they will prepare to depart from Mumbai. Natasha informs the passengers to keep their boarding passes ready and the transit passengers to get ready for their Mumbai. Rohit makes an announcement that the passengers can upload their pics on INDE Airlines website and can avail discounts. The plane lands in Aurangabad and Rohit is preparing for a business meeting. Aakash comes to Mahima’s home and gets the key from Megha. Aakash speaks that the key belongs to Mahima’s luggage and he will check her deposit at the airport. He gives Megha support and wants Shefali to take care of Megha and leaves.

Aakash wonders what is the purpose of the key. At the Aurangabad airport, Ananya is in contact with ATC for take-off to Mumbai and her flight IDF 427 gets the permission for taxi. Rohit cancels his meetings scheduled in the night and goes for his afternoon meeting. Rathod speaks that only 1 hr more and from next time he will not fly with her. Natasha and other hostess speaks of Rohit to be generous and wants hike in their salaries too. Ananya’s plane hits a van on the taxi and take-off  and one of the engine gets fire and Rohit comes to know about it. He speaks that its not good. The passengers find the engine to be on fire and Ananya learns about it and Rathod wants her to shut the engine in rude tone. He asks her to contact the ATC for emergency services and wants her to listen and do what he is saying.  A passenger asks all other passengers to keep quiet and be calm and air-hostesses will give them update. Ananya at her end speaks that the problem still exists and needs landing. He asks her to contact ATC that they have closed the fuel supply and they are ascending. Rohit wants all the pilots to attend a live video conference. Mr. Sen informs Rohit that the plane is still ascending though engine fire has stopped. Rohit connects with all pilots via a video conference and finds Aakash to be unreachable. Aakash is seen with his senior officer and makes a perfect match, duplicate key for the officer.  Mr. Sen calls Aakash and informs that all the world is looking after him and he replies on being on holiday. Aakash then learns that IDF 427 got fire which is being flied by Ananya and Rathod and the plane was going to Mumbai. Aakash runs to attend the video conference organized by Rohit.

The story comes back to present, and Ananya  makes an announcement to ATC that they are flying at 10,000 feet and are flying only on one engine and since 15 minutes they are ascending. Rathod informs that there is only one option – high turnaround and approach landing. At Inde Airlines, another pilot Prashant learns that option could lead to a disaster and they inform Rathod that they just left Aurangabad airport 5 mins ago and the fuel tank is full and if they land with that fuel amount then there can be a mid air explosion or the plane speed can increase much. The plane will generate lots of heat and remember there is only engine and the plane can burst when it hit the tarmac (runway floor). Rohit speaks of discarding the fuel and Ananya rejects the proposal since the plane needs to ascend to much larger altitude to do so. Captain Prashant is unable to convince and Aakash suggests that landing should be done. Rathod speaks that the plane cannot sustain a height on one engine. Aakash wants turnaround and descend and then prepare for landing and Rathod tries to follow that suggestion. Ananya learns that the red danger signals are coming. Rathod informs Aaaksh that if they descend now then they will come down with  85,000 Kgs, How is that safe ?

Prashant speaks that the plane will explode with so much weight and 200 people lives on board and 300 Crore INR financial damage. Rohit says that Aakash is right and there is no choice and descend is needed. Rohit wants everyone to prepare for emergency services. Aakash learns that the plane might go outside the runaway path because of the speed. The ATC clears the landing and Ananya speaks of believing in God and suggests that God help those who first help themselves which also inspires Rathod. Rathod speaks that the plane’s speed is 370 km/hr and asks whether they have enough runway while looking at his family photo, Aakash is quiet and Rathod thinks of knowing the answer. Ananya tries to call Aakash and she gives suggestion that what-if they don’t use thrust services and land. Rathod speaks that tyres will melt and burst. Ananya speaks that the plane will not go far from runaway and Prashant thinks that Ananya is a rookie. Aakash speaks that he is sure what Ananya is saying will work which is according to his own  experience of tackling aborted flights and the ones with puncture tyres. He speaks there is no other option and Ananya makes the announcement of landing at Aurangabad airport.

Ananya speaks to Rathod that they are helping themselves and it might be the case that even God can help them as well. Ananya does the landing without thrust services option and Aakash and Rohit and others are keeping their fingers crossed. The passengers are praying as well and also Mr. Sen. Ananya lands the plane and it hits the tarmac and shakes with tyres melting down because of speed and heat. Both Ananya and Rathod tries to hold their controls and the plane stops on the runaway after some distance. Rathod and Ananya are relieved after the safety landing and also Aakash, Rohit and others. They congratulate each other. The passengers in the plane are happier and Rathod congratulates Ananya – the first officer and applauds her. Ananya and Rathod comes to meet Rohit and he congratulates them and have saved lives. Ananya speaks to Rathod that now he is happy that his last flight with her has ended. He replies that he always gets the mannerisms of people and he will be happy to fly with her again and will consider himself to be lucky rather than unlucky. He thanks God. Rohit comes there and interrupts their talk and makes an announcement that Ananya will fly a plane to Dubai which is the airlines out of country flight. Ananya speaks of giving her best shot for it and she receives a message from Aaaksh asking her about the dinner with his chinese food preferences.

Next week: A passenger in the plane looks bit unconscious and wants to open the emergency door and airhostesses are trying their best to stop her. Ananya learns about that situation on-board from an air-hostess and looks to find a solution.

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