Ananya to steer Inde Airlines to safety from engine failure/fire; Aakash on the verge to unearth kidnapper's real motives


Airlines new show - Ananya and Akash, Star Plus

Aakash has rescued Ananya and Natasha from kidnappers who actually wanted to kidnap Rohit Mafatlal’s father. The kidnappers learnt that Aakash is not just Captain but does possess classified information which links him with intelligence services.


It happens that Ananya and Captain Rathod are flying the INDE Airlines and just around take-off one of the INDE Airlines engines have a malfunction resulting in fire outbreak. During its course in the sky, Ananya and Rathod learn about the fire in one of the engines and starts looking for a solution. INDE Airlines owner Rohit Mafatlal also finds the plane in the sky with fire on its engine and becomes worried. Two questions that come to mind directly – How one of the engines got malfunction and fire have occured ? It could be the case of mechanical failure (turbine, electricity) caused by negligence and other possibility is someone actually devised the malfunctioning of the engine (sabotage) and fire outbreak after the take-off. Nevertheless, Ananya and Rathod are looking for an immediate incident response solution to – control the fire, no further damage, safe cruising of the plane, passengers safety, and landing. Will Ananya like always follow the protocols as per the airline safety booklet, teaching during her pilot training or employ some intuitive thinking to solve the big problem at hand ? Is there any fail-over mechanism exists to use only one functional engine which also stops the fire ? How Rathod will help Ananya in that crisis, will he use his flying experience of many years  ? Can ATC or Rohit Mafatlal help Ananya in any way ?

Aakash didn’t got much help earlier from cellular services/police to trace Ananya and Natasha kidnapped location. Now he learnt about kidnapping and its motive – capturing Sr. Mafatlal. Has he already started looking to find clues about kidnappers with some help from intelligence ? Will Aakash unearth why the kidnappers wanted to abduct Sr. Mafatlal – Ransom or big conspiracy (Aircraft parts manufacturers); and outsmart kidnappers who have already pinpointed him ? Keep Reading..



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