Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 3 21st November 2014 Episode 1 starring Yashashri Masurkar & Viren Singh, Jiten Shah on Zing TV – Written Update

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Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 3, Episode 1, Yashashri Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 3, Episode 1, Viren Singh

Surbhi Jyoti (the hostess) welcomes all and asks what one sees before the onset of love – outer beauty or inner beauty ? This will be decided in today’s special episode of friendship and love. She says that the relationship that grows from friendship turns into love most of the times because we know the person and understand. But sometimes, such relationships turning into love is also not possible. She speaks about today’s story is about two friends Sonal and Ricky.

The story starts with Sonal seen at her home and learns that Ricky is coming back from New York. She becomes very much happy [Dhol Yaara Dhol song..plays] and does many things at one – texting message to Rick and looks for some thing which turns out to be childhood photo of her with him. She remembers their childhood and the flashback shows their parents speaking to each other about their children’s marriage and are happy about it. The FB ends and Sonal is seen getting prepared and soon Ricky comes to their home and also wears red shoes. He welcomes Sonal’s parents and invites them for dinner at his home next day. Sonal comes to meet him and talks to him while smiling. He greets her and speaks on being busy. She asks him on going a ride and he agrees and both go together. While going on the car, she asks him about New york and thinks that he felt lonely there. He speaks nice things about New York. She then speaks that he haven’t replied to her numerous messages and asks whether he was very busy. He replies on busy in many things and thus not possible to reply to her. She thinks that he has changed a lot and became smart and asks what has he brought for her ? He replies on not bringing anything and such thing was not in his mind. She finds Bhel Poori stall on the roadside but he calls them unhygienic and suggests that they will eat some other day. He drops to her home and leaves.

Next day, Sonal and her parents come to Ricky’s home for the lunch. Sonal’s father starts the conversation about Ricky and his daughter’s marriage. Ricky’s father speaks that the time is apt and also arrangements has to be done. However, Ricky’s mother speaks that the time has change and also Ricky has studied in US and has earned 84 % grade and suggests that in India people celebrate on getting 60 % grade with sweets. She opens up and speaks that now things are now like that childhood and they have to think before deciding on marriage and cites about some conditions. Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that for Ricky, Sonal was just a friend but she regards him more than a friend. Sonal got disappointed after Ricky and his mother didn’t accept her. Though, Ricky and Sonal’s father were fine with the marriage proposal. Sonal used to think from heart while Ricky used to think from mind. Sonal comes home and cries because of disappointment. Sonal’s father speaks that they have expected much and his wife thinks that Ricky’s parents spoke a lot. Just then, Ricky comes there and goes to meet Sonal and asks her to open the room. He tries to console her and she hugs him directly. He asks her to control herself and thinks that there is no reason to cry and what his mother said is not wrong. He speaks on being fond of her and cites that she doesn’t have problems and wants to cherish their friendship. He opens up and suggests that they have differences in class, liking and also doesn’t like her dressing sense and thinks that she will not adjust in his family. He wants to change her by going to personality development and english if she wants to marry him and speaks more on the marriage and says its not a joke. He leaves from there and she begins to cry and looks at old childhood photos and cards.  [Jhooti Jhooti.. Roothi…. Harjaiyan.. song plays]. She remembers some old moments like her birthday before Ricky’s departure to studies and the moment of getting red rose from him. She remembers about Ricky’s words about not liking her dressing sense, also his mother’s words and remains dejected and cries.

She puts on some dresses – Kurtis and some tops but is not happy. Soon, she finds a newspaper Ad about personality development institute and decides to go there while Ricky’s words continue to remind her. She joins and attends the english lessons to begin with. The instructor asks them to learn together and suggests that team effort is always the best one. He asks them to study in a group of two. Sonal is alone in the class and a young guy, a fellow student Rajeev comes to her and forms a group with her. Next day, the same instructor gives them the lesson on how to eat with a fork and knife and gives a demo which all the students follow. He also shows them salad spoon. Later, after the class, Rajeev and Sonal goes for a coffee and he speaks that since they are busy in class so meeting at coffee makes sense. He speaks on his interest in becoming a tourist guide and thus joined personality development class. She opens up and speaks of learning to match with her to-be fiancee’s demands. She provides more details about Ricky – her childhood friend who wanted her to match with his status. He went to New York but after coming he has changed. Rajeev speaks of supporting her always and he meant for training. The next training module is dancing and both Rajeev and Sonal dances together [Payalia.. song plays] and she is wearing a top/skirt and her dressing style have now changed. After the session, he speaks about dropping to her home and she agrees with some hesitation. [Payalia.. Piya Ghar jaye song plays]. Soon, she becomes comfortable during the ride and reaches home.

Later, she finds Ricky with some other girl who also going with her. She becomes shocked and dejected to see him. Next day, she is very quiet at the training centre and Rajeev comes to her and asks why she is so late and didn’t attend the class. She informs him about Ricky seen with a girl and thinks that he doesn’t feel anything for her and credits her to be mad to do all the things for him and also to match him. Rajeev suggests that she should focus on her career and thinks that there is no such thing with which people can dislike her. He then speaks of liking her and thinks that it has touched her. She replies on not being weak with things and he replies on just cheering her up. He doesn’t intent to break her marriage and wants her to focus on their debate and dance next day which is their last day of training. He wants her to smile and speaks of being there for her as a friend.

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that Sonal after joining class found Rajeev at the training institute and he was sorted and sensible. She met other people and her thinking started to change. Surbhi says that we live according to our thoughts. Sonal was changing and her personality was getting lot of positive vibrancy.

Sonal and Ricky are seen dancing at the institute and having good time and grooves well. [Dhoondhe Har Ek Saans Mein Dupkiyon Ke Baad Mein song plays]. She is ecstatic and showers a hugs to Rajeev upon completion of their dance. She attends a final debate and speaks to all other students. She shows gratitude to her mentor and other fellow students and gets felicitated by her teacher with a certificate and gets applaud. She goes to her home and informs her parents about succeeding well in her training. Sonal goes to Ricky’s parents with her family. Ricky’s mother is impressed with Sonal since she scored 92 % in her diploma. Sonal stops her father who was speaking about arrangements to fix her marriage date. She looks at Ricky and speaks of not agreeing to the marriage. Sonal’s father asks whether she is saying such thing without being conscious about it. She replies on being fine and cites that before she haven’t known her but now she realized what she wants and yearns for her own identity. Ricky’s father asks her to open-up. She speaks that the childhood marriage talking was fine but after learning from Ricky’s mother words and also from Ricky, she realized that they can stay like friends and its not necessary that friends get married and live their entire life. She says to Ricky that he is right in saying that her dressing sense doesn’t match well. With that, she learnt about herself and has changed for herself and not to match anybody’s status just for marriage sake. She speaks of wanting to study and to become independent and fulfill her ambitions and can marry later at an appropriate time.

She also suggests to Ricky that when one loves the other with their imperfections and accepts with it then that person is a gentleman. He thanks her and Ricky’s father is happy with her decision and according to him, she doesn’t need to change for anyone. Moreover, it is also not necessary that every friendship turns into marriage and wishes her and also continues to be friend with Sonal’s father. Ricky’s mother is unhappy with that development. After a while, Sonal meets Rajeev and suggests that she is feeling lively and he replies on being ok. He speaks with some hesitation that he really loves her and things looks incomplete with her. He says its fine if she rejects her as well and can remain her friend. With some shyness, she asks him to complete the missing thing and he takes out the rose to make a proposal. He holds her hand and makes a proposal and kisses her forehead to become a lovestruck couple.

Surbhi speaks that Sonal finally found her love not in Ricky but in Rajeev. Many times, friends teach us something because of which our lives changes very much. Sonal got her identity and herself after Ricky’s words. Surbhi says that friendship is an emotion and feeling and a soul mate is the one who accepts your imperfections and Rajeev was the one who supported Sonal. Sonal was happy with Rajeev’s confession of love for her since she also used to love him. Surbhi asks viewers to share their opinion – what Rajeev and Sonal did was right using the hashtag #PTKK on Zing TV’s facebook, Twitter pages.

Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 3, Episode 1, Sonal and Rajeev

Additional Note:
* We (TellyReviews) believe that story was good with some social message as well. Coming to Actors, they were good and specially Yashashri shined more since she got more screen space as per the story. Congrats to Actors, team, and Zing TV.

Info on Cast:
* Sonal is portrayed by actress Yashashri Masurkar
– Debut in the role of Khanak Khandelwal in Star One’s show Rang Badalti Odhani (2010-2011) and got much appreciation. She starred opposite Karan Tacker.
– Portrayed the role of Mrignayni in Imagine TV’s Chandragupta Maurya TV series (2011-2012), role of Bharti in Colors’ Sanskaar (2013) and the role of Sumitra in Zee TV’s Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se (2013-2014).
– Worked in Bindass’ Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 28 aired on 2nd February 2014, and portrayed the role of Preeti.
– Yashashri’s Twitter page
* Ricky is played by actor Viren Singh
– Viren has worked in Life OK’s Savdhaan India and Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke (SSLK)
– Currently working in Sony TV’s Itti Si Khushi as Aman’s cousin brother.

* Rajeev is portrayed by actor Jiten Shah.

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